Who bombed the hospital in Gaza? Videos, what we know and fake news

Who bombed the hospital in Gaza, Israel or Hamas? A question that has gripped the entire world since 7pm on Tuesday 17 October, with the answer to this question could be the fuse to trigger a war of far greater proportions.
At the time of the attack, Al Ahli hospital hosted many people: not only patients and healthcare workers, but also many women and children who had found refuge in the structure to try to find shelter in the face of the relentless Israeli bombardment in the Gaza Strip.
Last Saturday, the hospital reported being hit in an Israeli raid, with the top floors of the building and the ultrasound and mammography department reportedly destroyed, leaving four people injured.
What happened late Tuesday afternoon was something very different.
A roar shook the center of Gaza City: the Baptist hospital was hit and destroyed, causing, according to Palestinian sources, around 500 deaths among patients, healthcare workers and people who had found refuge, especially children and the elderly.
Immediately after the event, on Twitter Hananya Naftali who has recently become the spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, wrote “Israel has just attacked a Hamas base inside the hospital in Gaza…A high number of terrorists have died …it is devastating that Hamas launches rockets from a base inside the hospital…".
The post was then immediately removed.
In fact, Israel immediately denied any responsibility, pointing the finger instead at Islamic Jihad who allegedly hit the structure by mistake and posted a video that would prove the matter; Hamas, on the other hand, has no doubts about the responsibility of the Israeli army also because a rocket can hardly cause such damage.
read also War Israel: map and number of deaths, here's what's happening Gaza hospital: was it Israel or Hamas? As we have often seen happen during the war between Ukraine and Russia, even with regard to the tragic bombing of the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza City, there is an ongoing ricochet of responsibility between Israel and Hamas.
This morning during a press conference, army spokesman Daniel Hagari showed images and videos to explain that Israel is not to blame: "First of all, the hospital structure is standing, there is no structural damage and there is no 'It's a crater, this means that the damage was not caused by an air raid." A failed rocket launch by the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization hit the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza City: Attached is a video from the IAF system that captured the area around the hospital before and after the failed rocket launch by the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization: pic.
twitter.com/OXxKRcSbYF — דובר צה״ל דניאל הגרי – Daniel Hagari (@IDFSpokesperson) October 18, 2023 The absence of such a crater would be a demonstration of Israel's extraneousness, with the army explaining how "generally Israeli attacks leave a big hole in the ground." “The building was not hit – added Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari -.
Damage was instead detected in the car park where there were signs of a fire." It seems unlikely, however, that the destruction of a hospital was the result of one of the rockets in possession of Hamas which, generally, when they hit an Israeli building at most create a hole.
Plus there's that deleted tweet from Netanyahu's spokesperson which is a sort of admission.
In the meantime, Joe Biden has also arrived in Israel and seems to clear his ally "from Hamas worse horrors than ISIS, it seems that Israel is not responsible for the hospital massacre".
In this tragic story, there is also no shortage of fake news such as that of Reuters which allegedly declared that Israel was responsible.
In truth, the famous news agency explained that at the moment its sources cannot clarify what happened.
In fact, it is still not possible to establish with certainty whether the fault lies with Israel or Hamas: the truth about what happened will still have to wait.

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