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Transport bonus, new resources for requesting: when and for whom

With the approval of the budget bill of 16 October 2023, the Meloni Government has ordered the increase in the resources allocated to the transport bonus.
We would like to remind you, in fact, that the resources made available for this benefit have now run out since the month of August, and for the month of September a click day was held with the remaining funds from August.
For the month of October, however, new coverage amounting to 12 million euros allocated by the Energy Decree 2023 was made available, which made it possible to satisfy citizens' requests.
Now with the approval of the budget bill, the resources made available for the transport bonus have been increased with a further 35 million euros which will be used to cover voucher requests for the whole of 2023.
The resources of the transport bonus With the Legislative Decree 5/ 2023 coverage of 100 million euros had been allocated for the transport bonus.
Resources, as mentioned, which ran out already in August.
In the approved draft of the Budget Law, article 10, paragraph 2 states that: To meet the needs that emerged during the year, the fund referred to in article 4, paragraph 1, of the legislative decree of 14 January 2023, n.
5, converted, with amendments, by law 10 March 2023, n.
23 is increased by 35 million euros for the year 2023.
read also Transport bonus 2023, green light to request: how much is due and how to request it Who is entitled to the transport bonus? The number of beneficiaries of the transport bonus remains unchanged, even after the refinancing of the measure.
Anyone with an income of up to 20,000 euros will be able to request it to purchase season tickets to travel on public transport.
A fundamental thing to remember is that if a parent requests the 60 euro voucher for a minor child, the income of the requesting parent will not have to be taken into consideration, but always that of the beneficiary.
Precisely for this reason the transport bonus appears of fundamental importance not only for commuter workers, but also for students who, in most cases, use public transport to reach their school.
How long does the transport bonus last? With the new resources made available for the transport bonus, the measure will remain in force as initially planned, until 31 December 2023.
It is not certain whether it will also be extended for next year, no rumors or indiscretions, until now, have understand that there could be an extension, but since the maneuver is focused on the needs of families it cannot be ruled out a priori that there could also be some measure in this sense.

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