Israel-Hamas war, when and how does it end? The future of Palestine

How will the war between Israel and Hamas end? This is a question that the whole world has been asking since last October 7th, the disastrous date of the attack by Palestinian militiamen on the Jewish State which caused the harsh reaction from Tel Aviv which has now invaded the Gaza Strip with ground troops.
First of all, one might ask when the war between Israel and Hamas will end; According to former Israeli Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi, it could take a few months before the Israeli army concludes its operation.
In this period of time, however, the conflict in Palestine could widen, involving other countries as well, such as Lebanon or Iran, so much so that the risks not only of a regional war, but also of a global one were immediately highlighted given the massive American presence in the area .
Despite the massive and organized action of October 7, there is no comparison between the military power of Israel and that of Hamas, with the Israeli government having said it intends to "crush" its long-time enemy once and for all.
Even in the event of an all-out war with Hezbollah, which has superior military power to Hamas, an Israeli victory would not seem to be in question considering US support.
The question therefore is what will happen to Palestine once Israel has defeated Hamas: despite the many rumors and the multitude of hypotheses, even Tel Aviv does not seem to have very clear ideas on the matter.
read also Israel-Hamas war, map and number of total deaths: what is happening in Palestine Palestine: how and when the war between Israel and Hamas will end To understand what the epilogue of the war between Israel and Hamas could be, we must first clarify who is currently in "government" in the West Bank and who is in the Gaza strip.
After the historic 2006 elections won by Hamas, the Palestinian paramilitary organization dictates the law in the Gaza Strip: since then no other elections have been called and the UN recognizes this territory as part of Palestine.
In the West Bank, however, the Palestinian National Authority of President Abu Mazen is at the head, whose mandate expired in 2009 but since then the international community has been careful not to push for new elections given the well-founded fear of a Hamas victory .
Once the war is over, according to American national security advisor Jake Sullivan, "Gaza and the West Bank must be under unified control and the Palestinian National Authority will probably govern everything", only to admit, however, that "the prime minister Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu does not seem to be on the same wavelength." On the future of Palestine, Benjamin Netanyahu never wanted to go unbalanced, underlining that the war must be concluded first and then there will be a way to think about the fate of the Gaza strip.
Meanwhile, more and more Palestinians are abandoning the Gaza Strip while settlers have reportedly taken possession of several lands belonging to Palestinian farmers in the West Bank.
Some rumors speak of how Israel is ready to reoccupy the Gaza Strip, which is why it would be necessary to "expel" as many Palestinians as possible to maintain a strong majority of the Israeli population within the Jewish state compared to the Arab one.
The West also seems to be groping in the dark, given that the only solution desired by the United States would be to still rely on a leader like Abu Mazen who is old and not particularly loved by his followers.
A bit like in Ukraine, also with regards to the war between Israel and Hamas the future appears to be yet to be written, given that in order to feel "safe" the Israelis will also have to get rid of Hezbollah after the Palestinian militants: the feeling is that for the peace in the Holy Land will have to wait for some time.

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