Biden warns Netanyahu: Arms sales to Israel suspended

Israel Minister’s Controversial Tweet

Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir sparked controversy with a tweet suggesting that Hamas loves Biden.
This came after Joe Biden announced the suspension of arms to Israel, linking it to potential Israeli military actions in Rafah.

Biden’s Decision and Reactions

In response to Biden’s decision to suspend the arms deal, various reactions emerged.
President Isaac Herzog and other Israeli government officials criticized Ben Gvir’s unconventional remarks, concerned about the impact on U.S.-Israel relations.
Biden’s stance was a response to Israel’s actions in Rafah, which he deemed a red line not to be crossed.

Implications and Repercussions

The suspended arms included bombs known for causing severe damage to Palestinian civilians.
This move faced criticism from Republican leaders urging Biden to proceed with the arms deal.
However, Biden’s decision was viewed as a step towards emphasizing human rights values in weapon usage.

The rift between Biden and Netanyahu could be construed as support for Hamas by some, potentially complicating negotiations.
While Netanyahu remains defiant, the political landscape seems uncertain, especially considering the international pressure for dialogue and peace efforts.

International Response and Future Scenarios

Biden’s decision highlighted a shift in U.S.
policy towards Israel and the Middle East.
It also raised questions about the accountability for civilian casualties and hinted at a more assertive approach to peace negotiations.
Netanyahu’s uncompromising stance faces scrutiny, possibly affecting his political future.

Amidst these developments, the U.S.
Department of State’s report on Israel’s use of U.S.-supplied weapons added another layer of complexity.
The report suggested possible violations of international humanitarian laws, further intensifying the debate surrounding the conflict.

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