When will the Israel-Hamas war end? Netanyahu's response scares the West

When will the war between Israel and Hamas end? Unfortunately, there is still no light at the end of this tunnel, with Benjamin Netanyahu's words making it clear that this conflict – which has been going on for over a hundred days – could continue for a long time, somewhat along the lines of what is happening in Ukraine.
For Netanyahu, the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip between Israel and Hamas could continue until 2025, with the Jewish State appearing intent on "destroying" the Palestinian militia once and for all after the attack suffered on 7 October.
At the moment the Israeli army has announced that it has taken control of the northern part of the Gaza Strip.
The majority of the Palestinian population living in the enclave – 2.3 million in total, mostly minors – has long taken refuge in the southern part with 1.7 million Palestinians currently living in refugee camps.
Before the outbreak of the war it was estimated that Hamas had around 30,000 fighters at its disposal, with 8,000 militants reportedly killed by Tel Aviv troops during recent military operations.
Considering Israel's clear military superiority and the halving of Hamas forces also considering the wounded, why according to Benjamin Netanyahu could the war in the Gaza strip end no earlier than 2025? read also Israel-Hamas war, the (real) numbers: dead, injured and destroyed buildings Israel-Hamas: why the war could end in 2025 In this war Israel has given itself a precise objective as reiterated several times by Benjamin Netanyahu: “Hamas it must be crushed like ISIS”.
The military operation underway in the Gaza Strip, moreover, looks a lot like a point of no return in relations between the two peoples.
In recent weeks there has been much discussion about the fate of the Gaza Strip once Israel has achieved its goal – in truth Tel Aviv still has no idea what to do given the rambling ideas of some of its ministers to transfer the Palestinians to Africa -, but first there is a war to conclude.
The leaders of the Israeli army have made it known that the war has now entered a new phase: less intense but more targeted attacks to flush out the Hamas fighters still alive, especially its leaders.
The Palestinian militiamen, however, seem to still be able to strike in guerrilla operations in the territory they know perfectly, as demonstrated by the over 500 Israeli soldiers killed.
The Israeli government recently reduced the number of soldiers involved, bringing back a good number of reservists who had been missing from their jobs for weeks.
Furthermore, this war has had the effect of increasing support for Hamas in the West Bank, with new fighters potentially taking up the armed struggle against Israel.
All these reasons made Netanyahu hypothesize an end to the fighting in 2025.
The West and the nightmare of a long war If the war between Israel and Hamas were to continue until 2025 as declared by Netanyahu, for the West it would be a nice trouble.
First of all, Joe Biden would go to the presidential polls in November with two ongoing conflicts that could weigh heavily on the electoral campaign: it is no coincidence that the polls for the 2024 US elections give Donald Trump an advantage over the incumbent president.
The instability throughout the Middle East is also having strong economic repercussions for Europe, with Italy so far being the country most affected by the Red Sea crisis with many ships avoiding passing through the Suez Canal preferring to return to circumnavigate Africa as happened two centuries ago.
A long war in the Gaza Strip especially would increase the risk of escalation, with the US attacking the Houthis in Yemen, Hezbollah clashing with Israel along the border and Iran waiting to complete its program nuclear before flexing your muscles.
All without forgetting the war in Ukraine that has been going on for almost two years and the tensions in Taiwan: in this scenario the great absence is diplomacy, with this sort of global chaos that does not seem to bode well.

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