Baba Vanga Prophecies 2023: who he was, what he said and how reliable he is

In the last few hours a name has made its way into current articles on the Israel-Hamas conflict: alongside the names of the protagonists, those of various psychics such as Nostradamus and Baba Vanga also appear.
Both predicted a nuclear war in 2023.
It is Baba Vanga who is quoted in recent days regarding a prediction about the use of nuclear power and other catastrophes.
The psychic would also have predicted a possible change in the Earth's orbit this year.
How can it be interpreted? Some interpret this as a reference to impending nuclear explosions.
Baba Vanga also predicted new scientific discoveries related to the birth of children in the laboratory and the possibility for parents to choose the characteristics of their children.
The mystery remains of the veracity of Baba Vanga's predictions, which, net of some predictions realized, are fake news.
For those who believe his words are prophetic and destined to come true, the more skeptical (or realistic) shed light on the broad interpretation that the words of psychics or even Nostradamus allow.
Whether Baba Vanga really saw this into the future we cannot know, but we know who he was and what he says he saw happening in 2023 and beyond until 5000 AD.
Here's what we know about Baba Vanga's predictions and their credibility.
read also War Israel, one step away from the abyss: US ready to strike Iran Who was Baba Vanga? Baba Vanga shows up among the characters in the Israel-Hamas situation in an unexpected way.
According to American sources, Baba Vanga's name may be mentioned in the conflict regarding some prophecies that the Bulgarian psychic predicted in 1996.
But who was Baba Vanga? Baba Vanga, born Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova in 1911, was one of the most celebrated visionaries of the 20th century.
Originally from Bulgaria, she has gained fame for her extraordinary predictive abilities and her apparent ability to perceive future events and celestial revelations.
Having become blind at the age of 12 due to an accident, this loss of sight is said to have given her the ability to see the afterlife and predict the future.
Its reputation has attracted thousands of people from all over the world, seeking answers to their deepest questions.
read also Israel-Iran war near? What is happening and possible consequences What did Baba Vanga say in his prophecies? Baba Vanga, as the Daily Mail recalls, had warned of a potential explosion of a nuclear power plant in 2023.
His prediction was recovered already last year, regarding the events between Ukraine and Russia.
The visionary seems to have proposed the outbreak of a nuclear war between two or more conflicting parties.
Specifically, Baba's words would have been pronounced regarding the worsening of tensions in the Middle East.
The interpretation of these words was thus easily compared to the most recent events in Palestine.
read also War Israel: map and number of deaths, here's what's happening How reliable are Baba Vanga's prophecies? Baba Vanga's prophecies have ranged from global events to personal predictions.
Among his most famous predictions are the collapse of the World Trade Center in 2001 and the alleged election of Barack Obama as president of the United States.
However, it should be noted that many of his prophecies were vague and open to different interpretations.
Furthermore, the context of his statements was often obscure and ambiguous, which led to debates over the accuracy of his predictions.
While some believe Baba Vanga's words were astonishingly prophetic, others are skeptical and see her claims as coincidences or misreadings of her visions.
The psychic did not leave any writings and such prophecies therefore do not exist.

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