Israel-Hamas war, the (real) numbers: dead, injured and destroyed buildings

The war between Israel and Hamas is also played on numbers, such as those of the dead in this latest conflict in the Holy Land or the Israeli hostages still in the hands of Palestinian terrorists.
It is important to talk about the numbers of deaths from this war also given the ongoing hearings at the International Court of Justice, with South Africa accusing Israel of perpetrating a genocide in the Gaza Strip against the Palestinian population.
These accusations are firmly rejected by Tel Aviv and a large part of the West.
One hundred days after the outbreak of this war – born due to the unprecedented attack by Hamas on Israel -, it is still not clear how the conflict with the Israeli troops who currently have full control of the northern part of the Gaza Strip will end .
The great risk, however, is that of an escalation that could involve Hezbollah and Iran, also given the clashes in the Red Sea between the US-GB axis and the Yemeni Houthi rebels, iron allies of Tehran and the Lebanese and Palestinian militiamen.
However, in the southern area of the enclave there are approximately 2 million Palestinians, almost all refugees, who are trapped: Israel to the north and east, the sea to the west and finally to the south the Rafah crossing closed by Egypt.
A dramatic humanitarian situation, given that bombs continue to rain from the sky while practically everything is missing in refugee camps and cities, from food to medicines to essential services.
In this scenario we see in detail the numbers of this war which increasingly resembles a real massacre of women and children.
read also Israel and the irreversible loss of Western moral primacy The numbers of the war between Israel and Hamas These are the dramatic numbers of the war between Israel and Hamas updated to 16 January 2024.
We remind you that around 2.3 million people live in the Gaza strip – 47% represented by children – 85% of whom are internally displaced with 1.7 million Palestinians currently living in refugee camps.
Deaths* Israel – 1,139 Gaza Strip – 24,285 West Bank – 354 Among the dead in the Gaza Strip are: children: 9,600; women: 6,750.
Among the dead, this is the number of soldiers**: Israel: over 530; Hamas: 8,000.
Injured* Israel – 8,730 Gaza Strip – 61,154 West Bank – 4,000 Israeli hostages in the hands of Hamas** Total hostages – approximately 250 Dead – 33 Released – 121 Buildings destroyed** Percentage of buildings in Gaza damaged or destroyed – 45-56% Hospitals of Gaza partially functioning – 15 out of 36 Percentage of school buildings in Gaza damaged – over 69% Mosques damaged – 42 Churches damaged – 3 *Source Al Jazeera **Source Euronews

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