Rave party and hospital at Shifa, what is the truth? Israel's embarrassment

The war between Israel and Hamas does not stop, with the Tel Aviv army which, after invading the northern part of the Gaza strip – by blowing up the local parliament – is now preparing to expand its action to the south to "crush" a once and for all the enemy of all time.
After the Hamas attack last October 7 which caused the death of 1,400 Israelis, the Jewish State's response was very harsh with 13,000 Palestinians killed – almost all in the Gaza strip – with 70% of the victims reportedly women, children and the elderly.
In the last few hours, however, some news has been emerging regarding two events that were certainly among the most significant – and dramatic – of this war: the Hamas attack on the rave party and the entry of the Israeli army into al Shifa hospital .
In the first case, the rumors of an Israeli helicopter that accidentally killed some kids at the rave in an attempt to attack the terrorists seem to have been confirmed, while as regards the al Shifa hospital, the motivations that pushed the Tel troops seem to be wavering.
Aviv to declare the health facility a military target.
read also What to read to understand the war between Israel and Hamas Israel war: what happened to the al Shifa hospital Since the war between Israel and Hamas moved inside the Gaza strip, several civilian buildings have been attacked by Israeli army in the belief that Palestinian militiamen were hiding inside them.
In the last few hours, just to give a tragic example, Israel bombed a school run by the UN in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, causing the death of 80 people, including several children.
Last week between Tuesday and Wednesday, Israeli soldiers launched an operation involving the al Shifa hospital, the largest in the city of Gaza and one of the few still in operation.
According to intelligence, under the structure there would have been tunnels and Hamas command rooms, with various graphics that have been made known to support this thesis: almost a week ago the Israeli army raided the hospital at night.
For days, soldiers have been inspecting the facility with hundreds of people – including doctors and healthcare workers – who have left the hospital: only those who are unable to leave the building remain inside.
But what was found inside al-Shifa hospital? Some rifles, some magazines and some Hamas uniforms.
The bodies of two hostages were also found near the structure as well as the entrance to a tunnel.
According to CNN, however, Israel's version presents several gaps: “It is possible that the weapons were removed from the scene and put back before the arrival of the TVs.
In any case this does not explain why when the press arrived more guns were visible than in the original IDF video.” Furthermore, as regards the tunnels, during a visit granted to some journalists they were directly shown "only a cavity with a ladder, which does not resolve the issue".
The doubts would consequently be different.
The massacre at the rave party and the Israeli helicopter One of the most shocking episodes of Hamas's brutal action last October 7 was the massacre carried out at the Reim kibbutz: during a music festival 364 Israelis were killed, almost all of them young or very young as the other 4,000 who managed to escape the massacre.
In Israel, one of the most important newspapers – Haaretz – believes that the IDF (the Israeli Security Forces) are convinced after interrogations of the militiamen and careful investigations that the Hamas terrorists accidentally stumbled upon the rave party.
Furthermore, the presence of an Israeli helicopter was confirmed which, in an attempt to hit the Palestinian terrorists, also killed several young people who were present at the party.
“An investigation into the massacre – wrote Haaretz after speaking with an anonymous police official – revealed that an Israeli army combat helicopter, which arrived on the scene from the Ramat David base, fired at the terrorists and, apparently, it also affected some of the party participants." The revelations from CNN and Haaretz – which still need to be verified – are causing considerable embarrassment to Israel, with the war continuing and the southern part of the Gaza Strip could soon be affected, an area where thousands of Palestinian civilians have found refuge for weeks fleeing from the north of the enclave.

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