War Israel – Hamas, it's hell in Gaza: live coverage of what's happening

The bloodbath continues in Gaza, after a night in which a massive air and ground attack by the Israeli army against Hamas took place.
A night of battle and fire that turned out to be one of the worst since the beginning of the conflict, as claimed by the inhabitants of Gaza.
On the 21st day of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the situation in Gaza is dramatic with over 7,000 Palestinians dead and more than 19,000 injured and 1,400 Israelis dead and 220 hostages.
Israel meanwhile intensifies the operation on Gaza, with blitz of troops and tanks inside the Strip, even if they announce it is not yet an official invasion: "Hamas has committed crimes against humanity and will feel our wrath", comments Mark Regev, political advisor to Prime Minister Netanyahu.
Hamas for its part denounces "a massive attempt by Israel to penetrate the Strip with tanks from the north and east" and after what appeared to be a proposal for a temporary suspension of the conflict announced that it no longer wanted to sit at the peace negotiating table after the last raid.
And even after the UN request for a humanitarian truce was rejected, the United Nations accused Israel and Hamas of war crimes.
Meanwhile, the clashes continue with the risk of escalation.
We follow live on what is happening in Gaza.
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Dozens of bodies were recovered under the rubble in the north of the Strip after the violent wave of bombings that occurred during the night.
This was reported by the emergency services in Gaza, according to which the bodies were taken to the hospital in Beit Lahia, in the north of the enclave.
12.10 Tajani, it is not known when it will be possible to evacuate Italians from Gaza.
Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani declared that it is not known when it will be possible to evacuate the 14 Italians from the Gaza Strip: "We are working with the Americans, with the Egyptians, with the Israelis to see how we can recover them." According to the minister, the 14 Italians should leave together with other international citizens, "a convoy will go to collect them" Tajani declared on Tg2.
11.32 Drones fall in Egypt, Al-sisi: "Beware of the expansion of the conflict" Egyptian President Al-sisi declared that yesterday, 27 October, drones fell in Egypt.
and declared: “The people must be reassured in light of the situation in the region.
Egypt continues to play a positive role in the negotiations but there is the risk of a regional expansion of the conflict." 11:09 Israel hits Lebanon The Israeli army claims to have just foiled a surface-to-air missile launched from Lebanon towards an Israeli drone.
According to the statements of the Israeli military spokesman, the army is now attacking in response the site from which the missile was launched in Lebanon 10.49 WHO has lost contact with personnel in Gaza WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu announced on to push for a ceasefire, act now.
“Reports of intense bombing in Gaza are extremely distressing.
In these circumstances it is not possible to evacuate patients, nor to find safe shelter." Furthermore, the blackout makes it impossible for ambulances to reach the injured.
10.29 Risk of escalation, Iran: "Warmongers will pay consequences" The fear of escalation is increasingly concrete.
Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian warns Israel: “The warmongers will certainly suffer the consequences of the continuation of the war in Gaza, which will result in the expansion of the war in the region and the opening of new fronts against Israel.” There is a risk of an expansion of the conflict in the Middle East 10.25 Erdogan to Israel, "put an end to this madness" Turkish President Erdogan has asked Israel to "put an end to this madness" and to stop the attacks on Gaza.
This was reported by the Turkish Anadolu agency.
10:19 Israel, commander of Hamas Naval Forces eliminated The Israeli army has announced that it has also killed the commander of the Hamas Naval Forces of the Gaza City Brigade Ratib Abu Tzahiban.
According to the army, Tzahiban organized and directed the attempted infiltration into Israel by sea of the "frog men" on October 24th.
The Navy is also providing support to land forces for the incursion that began yesterday evening.
10:05 Israel, raid on Hezbollah infrastructure on the night of 27 October According to what the Israeli army reports, yesterday 27 October some rockets were launched from Lebanon towards the territories of Israel, but they crashed in Syria.
And during the night some Israeli jets hit Hezbollah military infrastructure in Lebanon.
10:00 United States fears possible escalation National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told CNN that the US administration is "very concerned" about a possible escalation of the war between Israel and Hamas.
Fears also confirmed by the statements of the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who publicly stated that "if Israel and its allies were to attack Iran, the third world war could start".
09:52 Israel, Hamas air force chief killed The Israeli army has announced that it has killed the head of the Hamas air force in the Gaza Strip: Atsam Abu Raffa.
Raffa reportedly led the paragliding attack of Hamas militia troops on October 7.
The air force leader reportedly lost his life last night during the massive bombing that occurred last night on the Gaza Strip.
09:48 Anti-rocket sirens in areas of Israel near Gaza The army has announced that the anti-rocket warning sirens from Gaza have resumed incessantly ringing in Israeli communities around the Strip.
09:40 Hamas declares that there will be no negotiations “There were negotiations and also political efforts to reach an agreement,” explains Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan, as reported by Al Jazeera.
Yet, after the latest raid in Gaza, the possibility of a ceasefire and a prisoner exchange is remote.
Hamas refuses any talks.
08:30 Israel rejects the ceasefire request The tweet by Lior Haiat, the spokesperson of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, on X leaves no room for doubt: Israel rejects the possibility of a ceasefire, defining the request of the General Assembly of 'Scandalous' UN: “Israel rejects the ceasefire request and will continue to act to guarantee its own safety and that of its citizens”.
8:00 USA, military jets attacked in Syria As reported by a note from the Pentagon, yesterday 27 October, American military jets, on orders from Joe Biden, attacked groups of militants supported by Iran in Syria who had attacked US troops in country and in Iraq in the aftermath of the October 7 attacks in Israel.
07.30 Hamas asks for a truce It seems that this morning Hamas has asked for a truce for a few days, at least according to the Palestinian agency Maan cited by the Russian agency Tass.
Hamas has reportedly proposed a prisoner exchange, demanding the release of its supporters held in Israeli prisons in exchange for 100 Israeli hostages held in the Gaza Strip.
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