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Tari, how to pay less

The due date of the TARI balance, which in most cases is expected by the end of the year, is coming soon.
Precisely in this regard, many taxpayers are wondering how to pay less than Tari.
It is good to remember, in fact, that there are different ways to pay the waste tax in a reduced way including exemptions, bonuses and concessions.
In this article we will investigate all the methods that allow you to pay less the Tari, who is entitled to them and how to request them.
Let's see what the legislation provides and how to do it.
Tari, how to pay less How to calculate the amount of the Tari How to pay the Tari less: the mandatory reductions How to pay the Tari less: the optional reductions also read Tari 2023, deadline, calculation and who pays.
Guide to the waste tax How the amount of the Tari is calculated The amount to be paid for the Tari is established by the local authorities who also determine in how many installments the sum can be paid, without prejudice to the fact that the last balance installment must be paid before the end of the year.
In addition to the normal cases of exemption which we can find summarized in the article Tari 2023: who doesn't pay? All exemptions and reductions, several municipalities are inclined to apply reductions.
The latter can be both optional and mandatory.
To understand how these reductions apply, we need to start by understanding how the waste tax is made up: a fixed part that takes into account the cost of the service determined by the number of members of the family unit and the size of the property; a variable part based on the waste produced.
The determination of the reduction must always be calculated on the variable portion of the TARI because it is precisely on this that it is determined when it is possible to pay less.
In any case, each Municipality adopts different criteria for the Tari calculation, in some cases greater importance can be given to the number of members of the nucleus, in other cases the productivity coefficients are taken into consideration.
read also TARI 2023 deadline, calendar with rules and dates How to pay less TARI: mandatory reductions As we have said, the reductions that can be made on the waste tax can be optional, at the discretion of the local authority, or mandatory.
The mandatory ones apply when: in the interesting areas the waste collection service has not been carried out and in this case a 40% reduction in the tax is expected; if the waste collection service has been interrupted or has not been carried out for a certain period (including due to strikes) you are entitled to a 20% reduction in the tariff; the Municipality can establish the amount of the reductions when it asks citizens to carry out separate waste collection, but the percentage of reduction depends on the local authority; in the case of homes by non-residents holding a foreign pension: in this case the reduction can reach up to two thirds of the tariff.
How to pay less the Tari: optional reductions Optional reductions are those at the discretion of the Municipalities and are the bodies local authorities to decide whether to apply them or not.
They are not reductions defined quantitatively by law and refer to cases of: homes that are used discontinuously, in a limited or seasonal manner; homes that have only one resident; rural buildings for residential use; homes whose owners live abroad for more than six months of the year; for non-residential premises that are used recurrently, but not continuously (such as seasonal use).
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