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This trick will help you figure out if a missed call is spam

The phone rings, a visible but unknown number, you answer and if you're lucky you speak to an operator who wants to offer you the most disparate services or products, if you're unlucky instead there will be a recorded voice answering you.
It is the frontier of telemarketing, which in recent years has reached unsustainable levels.
They call almost every day, often at inappropriate times such as during the lunch break or in the evening before dinner.
If before they called with an unknown number, now in most cases they are apparently harmless mobile numbers which therefore push the user to answer because they are unable to understand in advance whether that call is spam or if it is something else.
It can also happen that you are not able to answer in time and then later, when the call is discovered, doubt arises as to who it was.
Fortunately, a lot has been done recently to try to limit these annoying spam calls.
Here are some tricks to understand if the call you are receiving or have received is spam or not.
How to understand if an unanswered call is spam There are some valid methods to understand if a phone call is telemarketing and therefore spam or not.
To our aid there are several apps valid for both Android and iOS that recognize the origin of the call, signaling even before answering whether it is an unwanted one or not.
The most famous of these applications and also the most downloaded is called Truecaller.
With a community of 350 million users, Truecaller is one of the most valid applications capable of identifying and blocking spam calls and text messages.
Once the app has been downloaded, Truecaller is able to report the origin of the call before answering, alerting the user if it is spam.
You can also block such calls immediately.
And if you don't have time to reply, by entering the telephone number you are able to find out whether it is a number reported as spam or not so as to remove any doubts.
There is also another method which is valid only on some mobile phones with the Android operating system and is activated by Google.
Thanks to Maps, the American giant analyzes the registered databases and if a number is reported as spam, it automatically reports it to the user.
Another method could be to call back the number from which we received the call.
If it doesn't ring but is inactive then it is most likely a spam call.
This is because call centers are not enabled to receive incoming calls.
Preventing spam calls with the opposition register A few years ago in Italy the public opposition register was established where all landline and mobile numbers can be registered.
It is a register whose registration allows citizens to oppose unwanted telemarketing calls.
Registration also cancels previously issued consents, except those that will be authorized after registration.
Therefore, before carrying out a telephone marketing campaign, the operator must consult the register to understand who can call and who cannot.
All citizens with a telephone contract can sign up for the service, blocking the use of their number for advertising purposes by telemarketing operators.
Registration is free and can be done in three ways: via the web by connecting to the website and you can enter up to 5 telephone numbers; by telephone by calling the toll-free number 800 957 766 in the case of landline users or the number 06 42986411 in the case of mobile phones; by email by filling out the appropriate form and sending it to
Once registered, registration can always be managed via the three channels, also allowing you to delete any numbers.
However, there is a problem, that this register is only valid for calls originating from Italy while foreign ones are not.
This is why it is very easy for marketing agencies to overcome the problem by moving users and call centers abroad.
Which is why those who are registered still continue to receive spam calls every day.

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