Giovanni Allevi, illness and how the guest composer at Sanremo 2024 is doing today

How is Giovanni Allevi? This is a question that many have been asking since the Ascoli artist made it known – in 2022 – that he is suffering from multiple myeloma, an illness that has kept him away from the scene.
When his presence at the 2024 Sanremo Festival was announced – his name was the first to be made official among the various guests -, it was Allevi himself who spoke about his current health conditions.
“I am truly honored by this invitation to Sanremo – said Giovanni Allevi in a video message to Tg1 after the announcement of his presence at Sanremo – Who knows what a thrill it will be to play the piano in front of the public again.
I will also have the great responsibility of leaving you a reflection in the midst of a battle against the disease, which is not yet completely won.
I will be the voice of the many warriors who face suffering, carrying a strong attachment to life deep in their hearts.
Thanks Amadeus! See you in Sanremo!”.
In March 2023 on his Instagram profile he wrote: “My hands are shaking due to the drugs and, therefore, the return to the piano will be slow.
However, I have never stopped composing music in my mind, to transform all the sensations I am experiencing into notes.
Thanks to music, even suffering and despair acquire meaning.
I have never loved life as much as I do in this moment." There is consequently great anticipation for Giovanni Allevi's first public appearance since his illness was discovered, with the artist who will be the guest of honor together with John Travolta on the second evening of the 2024 Sanremo Festival.
biography of Giovanni Allevi Name: Giovanni Allevi Date of birth: 9 April 1969 Place: Ascoli Piceno Family: he is married and has two children State of health: he is highly functional autistic (formerly Asperger syndrome), in 2022 he announced that he is suffering from multiple myeloma Work: pianist, composer and teacher Curiosity: the asteroid 111561 was dedicated to him Giovanniallevi Giovanni Allevi: from Jovanotti to Sanremo A key figure in Giovanni Allevi's career was that of Saturnino, his fellow citizen and Jovanotti's historic bassist ; in fact, it was he who convinced him to move to Milan, guiding him in his beginnings.
Soon, however, Giovanni Allevi's career gained momentum on its own: 10 albums released and success achieved both in Italy and abroad.
In 2015 he composed O generous, the anthem of Serie A football.
Also in that year he was a guest for the first time at the Sanremo Festival, but in 2024 his will be a special return given that, in addition to music, he will also give a speech where he will inevitably talk about the illness that struck him in 2022.

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