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2 Essential Google Maps Tricks You Need to Know

Discover the Latest Updates on Google Maps

There is no doubt that Google Maps, especially its navigation feature, has revolutionized the lives of many people.
In the past, getting around and exploring new areas was not easy, but thanks to Google Maps, reaching an unknown destination is now a breeze.
Whether you are driving, walking, or taking public transportation, finding the quickest route is incredibly easy.

Just like all technologies, Google Maps is constantly evolving and being updated.
Today, we want to unveil two simple tricks that have been introduced in the latest Google Maps update that you probably didn’t know about.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

One of the updates that Google has made to Maps involves electric vehicle charging stations.
The number of people owning an electric vehicle is steadily increasing worldwide.
In Italy, the hesitation towards electric motors is decreasing, thanks in part to the purchase incentives offered by the Government.

For those who currently own a 100% electric vehicle, the main issue lies in the limited availability of charging stations across the country.
This makes it essential to know which areas or service stations are equipped with charging points.

Google Maps comes to the rescue by adding the option to filter for charging stations in the search field.
By selecting the charging station option, you can display all nearby electric charging stations on the map.

It’s important to note that this option is only activated after informing the app of your electric vehicle ownership.
To do this, simply go to the settings, look for the “your vehicle” option, select “your electric car,” and add it to your profile.
You can also specify the type of charging socket you have.
This way, whenever you need to find an electric charging station nearby, you can easily do so on Google Maps.

Improved Street Searching

Another update, though simple, is still important.
Previously, when searching for a street without entering a house number, the app would take you to the center of the street.
Now, Google Maps has improved this feature.
If you select a street without a house number, Google will highlight the entire length of the street in blue.
This gives you a clearer idea of the street’s length and helps you understand exactly where it starts and ends.

There are often very long streets, and knowing exactly where to stop can be tricky.
The endpoint could be at the beginning or end of the street, and arriving at the center, as Google used to do, could mean being far from your destination.
By showing us the length of the street in advance, we can plan accordingly and have a better understanding of the route.

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