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Political polls: Meloni and Salvini badly, the M5s down and the Democratic Party recovering

The latest SWG political survey, announced on 15 January by Enrico Mentana's La7 news program, would highlight a marked step backwards for the government forces which would lose a total of 0.8% compared to the same survey carried out last week.
According to the poll, Giorgia Meloni would be in decline, although the Prime Minister certainly wouldn't have anything to complain about given that the Brothers of Italy are still indicated at a more than flattering 29%.
The negative sign attested to the League would be of a very different nature: looking at the percentages, Matteo Salvini would be further and further away from the declared objective for the European elections of finishing ahead of the 5 Star Movement.
In fact, according to the survey, the Five Star Movement currently has almost double the votes of the Northern League, managing to substantially maintain the percentage obtained in the political elections despite the step backwards.
Above all, the Democratic Party would be the one smiling like this about the poll, with Elly Schlein who could soon challenge Giorgia Meloni in a televised confrontation: it remains to be seen now whether the two leaders will both run in the European elections in June.
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Looking at the latest political survey by Swg, it would seem that Forza Italia can sleep relatively peacefully: even if it is decreasing, the Azzurri could also aim for a sensational overtaking against Matteo Salvini, especially if the hypothesis of a list with the UDC and Noi were to materialise.
At the European elections, however, it will be impossible to see – even if in politics nothing can be taken for granted, especially when there are people like Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda involved – a unitary list of the former third party.
According to the survey, at the moment Azione would be just over the fateful bar of 4%, while Italia Viva would be distant but not very far away: it would not be a coincidence that Calenda and Renzi have been courting +Europa for some time.
It will also be complicated for the Green-Left Alliance to overcome the barrier threshold, while the farewell of its founder Gianluigi Paragone would seem to have done good for Italexit which however would still remain far from 4%.

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