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Political polls, Meloni collapses: Salvini and Pd do badly, M5s and Forza Italia leap

The latest political survey by Swg, announced on 4 December by Enrico Mentana's La7 news, may represent a sort of alarm bell for Giorgia Meloni in view of the very delicate European elections in June where the prime minister, also thanks to the recognition obtained from Political, he will also try to impose himself at community level.
According to the survey, in fact, Fratelli d'Italia would have lost half a percentage point in voting intentions in the last week, even if Giorgia Meloni would continue to maintain an abysmal advantage over her pursuers.
Matteo Salvini would not fare any better as he would continue to lose votes precisely in the days in which he brought together sovereignist allies from all over Europe in Florence: according to the survey, the League would be further and further away from double figures, with the Captain's leadership which could be put under discussion in the event of a new electoral flop for the Northern League.
Among the ranks of the majority, only Forza Italia would be smiling, with the Azzurri indicated still growing so much so that in the European elections – by virtue of the obvious alliance with the UDC and Noi Moderati – there could be a sensational overtaking to the detriment of the League.
Overall, the center-right would be significantly declining in the poll, but the current government majority – if these were the percentages – would win the elections again with this electoral law.
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For the Democratic Party, the negative period seems to continue, with the Schlein effect now appearing to have definitively vanished.
A positive sign instead for the 5 Star Movement, now indicated as being closer to the Democratic Party, so much so that even the Five Star Movement could hope to overtake it in the European elections which will be held in Italy on 9 June.
Still with a view to the European elections, all the other parties will have to improve in order to hope to exceed the 4% threshold.
The person who seems to have the best chance is Carlo Calenda, especially if Azione were to create a single list together with +Europa.
The alliance between the Greens and the Italian Left was confirmed, but even in this case the 4% would not be reached; Also at risk is Matteo Renzi – a sure candidate for the European elections – who would drop again in the poll after a good period.
Very far from the fateful bar are Unione Popolare and Per l'Italia con Paragone, which in order to get back on top will have to hope to gain votes in the large cauldron of voters who at the moment would not express a voting preference.

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