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Paola Belloni, who is Elly Schlein's partner and what she does

Paola Belloni found herself the protagonist, reluctantly, of various gossip in Italian newspapers online and elsewhere.
Since the election of the secretary of the Democratic Party, many have been wondering who Elly Schlein's partner was.
After much chatter, between one gossip and another, the name we all know today finally arrived: Paola Belloni.
Not much is known about Paola Belloni and rightly so.
She herself asked in a post on her Instagram, private, but the content of which was disclosed in recent days, that she wanted to remain away from the spotlight.
Online you can find photos stolen from this Instagram profile, a profile that is not very popular and has few shots, including one with the late writer Michela Murgia.
However, it is his outbursts in response to journalism that is more attentive to gossip than to news that have made his name circulate throughout Italy.
A case that caused discussion and involved Belloni was that of color scheme, which occupied television lounges, newspaper articles and radio programs more than necessary and the trial won by Roberto Saviano for defamation against the minister Sangiuliano, who in those days it was decidedly more interesting news.
Many have therefore wondered who Paola Belloni is, what work does she do and what is known about her private life? read also Confirm your Facebook and Instagram accounts, why does the message appear? Who is Paola Belloni and what do we know about her biography and career? Little or no information No one really knows who Paola Belloni is.
Because Paola Belloni, the partner of PD secretary Elly Schlein, cares about her privacy and this can also be understood from the fact that her Instagram profile is closed.
However, we know that she was born in Sardinia and that she should currently be resident in Bologna.
There are even doubts about his age, in fact it seems that he is less than 30 years old or 30 years old at most.
On his closed profile there are only four posts published, which have changed over time.
Via the photo with Michela Murgia, inside a video with the words of Teresa Ciabatti.
read also Armocromia, what color theory is, why there is so much talk about it and what Elly Schlein has to do with it Paola Belloni: private life but public ideas Paola Belloni's life is certainly private and it is right that it remains that way.
She herself, in a post that portrays her in a more glossy photo compared to those that appear as photos taken from a mobile phone, recalls how after all this – that is, the attention she received following the outing committed by a gossip newspaper – he wants to return "to my private life which I hope will always remain the same".
In this same post Belloni reveals much of his thoughts regarding rights.
Not only does she criticize the outing she suffered, explaining that she was not overwhelmed by it because she is lucky enough to have a network of friends and family who supports her, but she also spoke out about the lack of equal marriage, the absence of protection for sons and daughters of same-parent families and on the scuttling of a law against homolesbobitransphobia.
Curiosity about his person made his comments widely read and therefore provided an information service to those who were still unaware of terms such as coming out or outing.
But Paola Belloni also expressed herself on another topic recently, namely the attack suffered by Elly Schlein.
Belloni pointed out that "there have been hundreds of editorial articles, hours and hours of in-depth television and web radio coverage.
However, nothing can be found regarding the trial won by Roberto Saviano for defamation against the minister San Giuliano".
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