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Political Polls: Meloni’s Decline, PD Closer Than Ever, Forza Italia Struggling

Latest Political Poll by Quorum

The latest political poll by Quorum, conducted on May 13 on behalf of Sky Tg24, came before the cancellation of the televised debate between Giorgia Meloni and Elly Schlein.
RAI had to cancel the event as it did not receive the green light from a sufficient number of lists running in the European elections on June 8 and 9.

Center-right Parties

According to the poll, Fratelli d’Italia is experiencing a significant drop, with Meloni and Schlein closer than ever.
The League remains stable despite the buzz surrounding Roberto Vannacci’s candidacy, while Forza Italia-Noi Moderati duo is declining, possibly affected by the scandal involving Giovanni Toti.

Matteo Salvini appears to maintain a small lead over Forza Italia in voting intentions.
However, such a result would be a setback for the League, which reached 34% in the 2019 European elections.

Five Star Movement and Other Parties

The Five Star Movement also seems to be recalling past glories, with a slight increase according to the poll, aligning with the votes from the last general elections.

Among the parties on the threshold of the 4% barrier, Matteo Renzi’s Stati Uniti d’Europa is on the rise, well above the critical mark.
Alleanza Verdi-Sinistra remains stable while Azione is gaining ground, posing a challenge to Renzi’s party and the Greens-Left alliance.

Parties like Michele Santoro’s Pace Terra Dignità and Cateno De Luca’s Libertà face challenges to reach the 4% threshold, with the latter indicated as significantly declining according to the latest poll.

The upcoming European elections will be crucial to determine the fate of these parties and movements in Italy’s political landscape.

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