NASA is hiring volunteers for a mission to Mars

NASA is recruiting volunteers to participate in a year-long simulation of the surface of Mars, with the aim of helping develop plans for human exploration of the planet.
However, participants must have stringent requirements, first of all they must be US citizens.
To this requirement is added the definition of "healthy", without addictions such as smoking.
But what is it? According to initial information, the mission for the volunteers involves a simulation inside a 3D printed habitat.
The four-person crew will live and work for a year in a 1,700-square-foot space based in Houston's Johnson Space Center.
What are the requirements to experience a mission to Mars? Let's find out.
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Or something similar.
It is in fact a "simulation mission" of the surface of Mars, which involves staying in a fixed structure for a year.
The goal is to help the space agency develop plans for human exploration of the so-called Red Planet.
In order to participate in the small simulation team it is necessary to possess stringent requirements, first of all and even more difficult to possess, is US citizenship.
Added to this are: being aged between 30 and 55 speaking correctly (native speaker level) English being healthy not being a smoker Furthermore, among the specific requirements, we find: master's degree in a STEM field chosen from engineering, mathematics, science biological, physical sciences, and computer sciences from an accredited institution; have at least two years of STEM professional experience or a minimum of one thousand hours of flying an aircraft.
Finally, the motivation.
In fact, ideal candidates are asked to have a "strong desire for unique and rewarding adventures", with a high interest "in contributing to NASA's work to prepare the first human trip to Mars", as stated in the agency's note.
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Russia's plan What are the tasks of volunteers? The team that will be formed, composed of 4 people, will have to live for a year in a 1,700 square foot 3D printed structure called Mars Dune Alpha based at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.
This habitat was designed to simulate the challenges of a real mission to Mars: limited supplies, communications delays, equipment failures and other environmental stressors.
The crew, in addition to living in these conditions, will have to carry out tasks such as: simulated spacewalks habitat maintenance robotic operations physical exercise crop growth This is not the first search for volunteers for this purpose.
NASA has already locked humans in the habitat designed for a simulation on Mars.
It is possible that other searches will be opened in the future, perhaps for a larger number of people and without requirements such as US citizenship, which greatly restricts the pool of participants.

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