Elezioni regionali 2024

Regional elections 2024, the guide: where and when to vote

Regional elections 2024, when and where will we vote? Major maneuvers underway in the five Regions that this year will be called to elect a new president but, as happened in 2019, there will not be a single voting date but all the territories will go in no particular order.
In total there are five Regions in which regional elections will take place in 2024: Abruzzo, Basilicata, Piedmont, Sardinia and Umbria.
This is a further test for the government in the year of the European elections.
In fact, all five regions called to vote are governed by the centre-right which, barring sensational surprises, should present itself united everywhere even if there are various uncertainties regarding the candidates.
In the center-left, however, the Democratic Party should work as a team together with the 5 Star Movement, only in Piedmont an agreement seems to be far away while waiting to understand what the moves of the third pole will be.
read also European elections 2024, when will we vote? Date, electoral law and polls Regional elections 2024: when to vote Five years ago the regional elections were held in Italy on five different dates.
In 2024 there should be some sort of election day in June which could affect Piedmont and Basilicata.
The Council of Ministers has in fact decided that the European elections will take place on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June.
At the same time, the Council of Ministers gave a favorable opinion on a merger with the first round of the administrative elections and the regional elections in Piedmont and Basilicata, while there would be no technical time for Umbria.
Let's see the dates of the 2024 regional elections, remembering that by clicking on the link where present, you can consult the specific voting guide for the chosen Region.
Abruzzo – March 10 Sardinia – February 25 Basilicata – June 8 and 9? Piedmont – 8 and 9 June? Umbria – between November and December The first region to vote will be Sardinia, followed by Abruzzo and then probably together by Piedmont and Basilicata, with Umbria which will close the 2024 round of regional elections in winter.
In addition to the dates, the voting systems which are decided by the individual Regions will also be different; the only common denominator, with the exception of Tuscany, is the fact that there are no runoffs: in regional elections, candidates who manage to obtain even one more vote than their opponents are nominated president.

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