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Salvini-Meloni, budget law chaos: air of war, divided in the regional elections?

Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini have never loved each other but, obtorcollo, they have been allies for years.
The reason is very simple: since the so-called Second Republic existed in Italy, the center-right has always been the relative majority in the country.
Even when the leader of the coalition was Silvio Berlusconi, the parties argued but then a meeting at Palazzo Grazioli was enough to find a compromise: ritual photo, unity maintained and then enemies again as before.
In the 2019 European elections the League managed to get 34% while the latest political polls put the Northern League below 10%, a percentage similar to that obtained in the general elections.
Fratelli d'Italia, on the other hand, from 6% five years ago would now be at 29%, with Giorgia Meloni now stationed at Palazzo Chigi after the electoral triumph a year ago.
The votes lost in recent years by the League were intercepted by the Brothers of Italy, while previously Matteo Salvini had cannibalized Forza Italia and that part of the 5 Star Movement electorate that came from the right.
In view of the next European elections which will be held in June, the only way for Salvini to get back on top is to take away votes from Meloni, not an easy task given that the Prime Minister, despite the difficulties in the 2024 budget law , would seem to still enjoy widespread popularity in Italy.
read also European elections 2024, when do you vote in Italy? Date, electoral law and polls From the budget law to the regional ones: the Meloni-Salvini challenge At the time of its launch by the Council of Ministers, the 2024 budget law was immediately presented as armored, with Giorgia Meloni reportedly asking her allies not to table amendments.
This sort of pax would now have been violated by the League which would have presented three amendments: according to what we learn, they would not in any case be onerous.
In reality, however, the agreement would have been broken.
A fact that would have sent Giorgia Meloni into a rage – so much so that the three amendments should now be withdrawn after a phone call between the prime minister and the minister who said he knew nothing about it – and which comes at a very particular moment for the centre-right .
Only a few days ago, Fratelli d'Italia made a sensational break in the Province of Trento after the Northern League president Maurizio Figatti did not assign the vice-presidency to the party despite the good electoral result.
At the same time, Brothers of Italy in Sardinia would be on the verge of abandoning the outgoing president Christian Solinas – supported instead by the League and the Sardinian Action Party – and going on their own together with Forza Italia.
A possible split that could also have repercussions in the choice of candidates in the other Regions – all governed by the centre-right – where there will be voting in 2024: Abruzzo, Basilicata and Umbria.
In short, a not too veiled political "war" would be underway between Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini: the European elections are too important for both leaders, with this tension starting to wear down a government which, although always solid in numbers , would be starting to show the first signs of fragility.
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