Elezioni regionali 2024

Umbria regional elections 2024, when will you vote? Date, candidates and polls

Umbria regional elections 2024, the guide: the voting date has not yet been made official but the polls will most likely open again next October.
There is also no shortage of questions regarding the candidates at the moment.
There is certainly Donatella Tesei's desire to stand in the 2024 Umbria regional elections in search of a second mandate, with the president in office having the support of her allies as well as that of the League.
However, among the ranks of the opposition there is a certain confusion.
With a statement, the 5 Star Movement and the Green and Left Alliance announced that they had decided to "suspend all negotiations for the next regional and provincial elections with the Democratic Party until absolute clarity has been made on hypothetical agreements with the party of Stefano Bandecchiā€¯.
The mayor of Terni and ras of Alternativa Popolare, playing in advance, has decided to nominate Riccardo Corridore for his party in the regional elections, with the Democratic Party which at this point will have to try to patch things up with its potential allies in order to be able to think of undermining Donatella Tesei.
While waiting for the inevitable polls, let's take a look in detail at the possible date of the 2024 Umbria regional elections, the electoral law in force and who the candidates could be.
read also Regional elections 2024: where and when to vote Umbria elections 2024: the date In 2019 in Umbria we voted for the regional elections on 27 October.
A merger with the 2024 European elections which will be held on 9 June is unthinkable.
It remains to be seen now whether the vote will take place on a single day or the polling stations will also remain open on Mondays until 3:00 pm.
Instead, the European elections are likely to be merged with the first round of the 2024 administrative elections which, in Umbria, will involve Perugia and important centers such as Foligno and Gubbio in 2024.
At the moment, however, the Umbria Region has not made the date and times of the 2024 regional elections official.
The electoral law In Umbria for the regional elections, an electoral law introduced in January 2010 is currently in force, which was then modified in February 2015.
the candidate who manages to obtain even one more vote than the other challengers is elected as the new governor.
Unlike local elections, there is no run-off.
In total the Legislative Assembly is made up of 20 regional councilors plus the President of the Regional Council.
Seats are assigned proportionally based on the single constituency into which the region is divided.
By law, whoever wins the elections must still have at least 60% of the seats in the Regional Council.
If this threshold is not reached, 12 seats are assigned to the winning coalition with the remaining 8 seats which will be assigned proportionally to the lists that have exceeded the threshold of 2.5%, with one seat being reserved for the second gubernatorial candidate most voted.
The candidates In the 2019 regional elections Donatella Tesei succeeded in bringing the center-right to the leadership of Umbria.
Five years later the current regional president expressed her willingness to run again in search of a second mandate.
The League would have already secured its representative who could also count on the approval of the other parties that form its majority, but before the white smoke we will have to understand what the tetris will be in the center-right regarding the other candidates for the regional elections.
In 2019 in Umbria there was long talk of a sort of laboratory for the centre-left, given that the presidential candidate Vincenzo Bianconi was supported – for the first time ever – by the Democratic Party, the 5 Star Movement, the left and the Greens.
The result, as we know, was not exciting.
In the 2024 regional elections, however, the Democratic Party and the 5 Stars are trying to dialogue throughout Italy, but the joint statement from the Five Star Movement and the Green-Left Alliance represents a first obstacle to a possible Giallorossi agreement in Umbria.
After winning the local elections in Terni, the volcanic Stefano Bandecchi also put the Region in his sights: the mayor announced that in the regional elections the candidate for president of Alternativa Popolare will be Riccardo Corridore.

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