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Monthly taxes for everyone, Irpef deferral and contributions for the self-employed from 2024

Monthly taxes for everyone, the Government is working on monthly installments for all self-employed people, VAT holders, Irpef and contributions.
Alberto Gusmeroli, President of the The measure, now adopted on an experimental basis only for the second advance payment of taxes generally due on November 30, could soon become structural and with an extension to contributions.
Here is what the provision being studied by the Government provides which introduces monthly taxes starting from 2024.
Payment in monthly installments also for the balance and Irpef advance.
The "Advances" decree provides for the possibility of paying the second Irpef advance in installments, in particular the previous deadline to 30 November 2023 is postponed to 16 January 2024, there is also the possibility of paying the amount in 5 installments of which the first expires on 16 January and the others with monthly deadlines.
This is an experimental measure that could soon be made structural with an extension of the number of beneficiaries.
In particular, it is planned to add to the 5 installments now foreseen for the second Irpef advance payment, a further 7 installments for the balance and the first advance payment in order to reach 12 installments on a monthly basis.
In the new fiscal calendar, the installments for the balance and the first advance payment should be paid from June to December.
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The measure being studied by the Government would provide for the possibility of extending this opportunity to other taxpayers.
The current regulation provides that only VAT taxpayers with a total compensation and revenue of less than 170,000 euros can exercise the option.
With the provision being studied by the Government, the range of beneficiaries should also be extended.
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