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Gildo and Luciano Claps, who Elisa's brothers are and what they do today

The story of Elisa Claps is one of the most memorable tragedies for Italians, shaken by the very young age of the victim, but also by the brutality with which her murder took place.
Elisa's short life, the love of her family and the intertwining with the life of her murderer, Danilo Restivo, are told in the new Rai 1 series which reconstructs the human and judicial events that led to the sad epilogue, now known .
If the memory of Elisa is kept alive more than 30 years after her death, however, much is owed to her family, in particular to her brothers Gildo and Luciano.
Gildo and Luciano Claps have shown extraordinary tenacity in the fight to discover the truth about the murder of their sister Elisa and an unshakable need for justice, always supported by their parents Filomena and Antonio.
A family union and a common pain that indelibly marked the lives of the brothers, both very young at the time of the events, who reflected in their choices the same values and the same disillusionment for the injustices they had suffered, each according to their own inclinations.
Who are Gildo and Luciano Claps Ermenegildo Claps, known as Gildo, is the eldest son of Filomena and Antonio Claps, the latter deceased in 2014, and older brother of Luciano and Elisa.
The family was very united and each of them suffered from the loss of young Elisa, but Gildo and his mother Filomena (now eighty-six) are better known to the public, as they are more accustomed to attending broadcasts and meetings in Elisa's memory.
His father Antonio and brother Luciano, however, have always been more reserved and taciturn.
Two different ways of surviving a loss that has affected the entire family forever.
Gildo was just 25 years old when Elisa disappeared on 12 September 1993 and was a carefree law student.
He was also among the last people to see her alive, and then waited in vain for her to go together to the country house and reunite with the others.
When Elisa did not return, having heard from the friend with whom she was supposed to meet, it was Gildo who raised the alarm, alerting the police and calling Restivo's home, mindful of the morbid interest shown by Danilo Restivo towards his sister and worried by their meeting on the day of his disappearance.
Luciano Claps, the middle brother, was born in 1974 and was only 19 years old when his sister Elisa disappeared.
Despite his young age, he immediately put his maximum effort into collaborating in the investigations and together with his brother Gildo he fought for 20 years requesting the opening of the attic of the Church of the Holy Trinity, where the body of the 17-year-old victim was actually found After.
In this regard, about ten years ago, Luciano said: "My brother and I had a feeling, we felt something, but they didn't give us the keys".
What Elisa Claps' brothers do today Both Claps brothers are quite reserved when it comes to their private lives.
Very little is known about Luciano, who is now 49 years old and it seems that not even the documentary series will delve into this aspect, which in any case is not very relevant compared to the events and actions that have characterized his life so far.
We know, however, that he is a policeman in Basilicata, and one could expect nothing less.
Gildo Claps, on the other hand, who is now 54 years old, is married to a woman called Irene, with whom he was already engaged at the time of Elisa's disappearance and who accompanied him on this long journey of differences.
Gildo himself had said that he moved away for a period, so as not to burden the woman with his burden, but the two soon returned to support each other and had two children.
The actress Diletta Rossi, who plays Irene in the series, described her as a strong woman, gifted with delicacy and intelligence, sharing in the pain as much as the other members of the family, whom she has always accompanied.
Outside of private life, Gildo founded the Penelope association in 2002 to support the families of missing people, which provides psychological and legal support to relatives and friends, giving them the opportunity to expand the search nationwide.
As already mentioned, it is evident how much Elisa's tragic end influenced the lives of her brothers, clearly in addition to that of her parents, who still continue to dedicate their efforts to her memory and to the help of others.

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