Current account number, what it is for and where to retrieve it from the Iban

In Italy 47.7 million people have a current account, practically almost all of them.
Of these, as many as 66% have their wealth in a single credit institution.
In recent years, the number of people in possession of a current account has increased even more.
If previously to open a current account you necessarily had to go to a bank or post office, now, thanks to the internet, everything happens online and very quickly.
In the last period, numerous digital banks have been created without physical branches that operate via home banking and which have made it even easier to open online current accounts where you can manage your wealth, your payments and your salary.
Precisely for a series of activities such as direct debit of a bill or opening a bank RID, it may be necessary to know the number of our current account.
It's not always easy to spot.
In this article we explain how to do it, informing you that it can also be withdrawn from the common Iban code connected to the account.
What is the current account number The current account number is an alphanumeric code, the function of which is to identify the current account opened by the customer at a bank or postal institution.
It is usually made up of 12 alphanumeric characters, but it can also be shorter.
In this case it is preceded by a series of 0s.
It is unique only for the specific institution.
In theory there could be two identical bank account numbers registered to two different customers in two different institutions.
Knowing your account number is important and this should be carefully noted and kept.
What is the current account number for? The current account number is very important to identify the current account opened at a branch of a bank or a post office and its holder.
Inserted inside a code made up of several characters which is the Iban, it is also used to send or receive bank transfers all over the world.
The Iban code became mandatory starting from 1 January 2018.
It was a true evolution capable of combining both the current account number and the Abi and Cab codes in a series of alphanumeric characters.
Until a few years ago in Italy in order to send a payment it was necessary to communicate the Abi, Cab code plus the Iban.
A truly complex operation.
Today, however, the process has become much more streamlined.
Just communicate the IBAN code to receive a payment.
The length of the code differs from state to state.
In Italy it is made up of 27 characters as follows: the first 2 capital letters represent the nation, in this case IT; 2 check digits, i.e.
the European Cin; 1 check digit, national Cin; 5 digits for the Abi code; 5 digits for the Cab code; Final 12 digits bank account number.
Therefore, the current account number helps those who receive a bank transfer to know a whole series of information about who made the payment and the bank that sent it.
read also IBAN code: what it is and what it is used for How to find the current account number Finding the current account number is not difficult.
We have several methods available.
When we open a current account at a bank or postal institution, we will be given all the documentation where the current account number and Iban code will also be noted.
Just read this documentation to recover it.
If we are unable to find these documents, don't worry, there are other methods.
For example, we can verify on the bank statements that every month or quarter they are sent either in paper format to your home or in digital format by email.
The current account number is always written at the head of the bank statement.
Alternatively, you can access the home banking service from a PC or smartphone.
By clicking on the account summary tab, the current account identification number will usually also appear.
How to withdraw it from the Iban number If we don't know the current account number but we know the Iban code we can obtain it from there.
To obtain the current account number having an Iban, simply take the last 12 characters of the Iban itself.
If none of the methods have worked, all you have to do is contact the bank by providing your personal data.
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