Flurona, how to recognize who has Covid and flu together and consequences

There is an increase in respiratory infections due to the influenza virus and other viruses that have similar symptoms.
In the midst of all this, Covid has entered, in its new variant, which indicates an increase in infections.
The scenario is not complete, however, without talking about Flurona, which is a phenomenon of simultaneous co-infection of the flu and Covid viruses.
The numbers are still low, but they depend on the difficulty of diagnosis rather than on a real co-presence of the viruses.
How to recognize the symptoms of one or more viruses present at the same time? read also What will happen in 2024, Bill Gates' prophecy Flurona, what it is and what it means Flurona does not mean a new pathology, but the combination of symptoms due to a co-infection.
This condition appeared two years ago, when the first case of the presence of the influenza virus and the Covid virus in the same person at the same time was reported.
The origin of the name is simple, in fact it is didactic.
Flurona is the union of “flu”, or the English tradition of flu, and the last two syllables of “corona”, or “rona”, from coronavirus.
Warning: the term is for journalistic-informative use, not scientific.
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The problem is that they are indistinguishable from Covid or flu.
According to Fabrizio Pregliasco, medical director of the IRCCS Galeazzi Hospital – Sant'Ambrogio and professor at the University of Milan: It is impossible to differentiate from the point of view of symptoms, even if it is presumable from what we see, they are the truly heavier forms.
You can therefore try to isolate the most serious symptoms and frame them as typical of Flurona.
They are, for example: high fever, joint muscle pain, multiple respiratory symptoms.
The results of a study published in The Lancet also confirm what the expert said: patients, especially if fragile, present more serious symptoms.
This leads, in the worst case scenario, to a greater risk of having to receive mechanical ventilation and also increases the risk of death.
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The vaccination campaign for the flu virus and Covid have been abandoned, but to date they represent the only effective way to avoid dangerous conditions.
The data for vaccination coverage for the 2023-2024 winter season are not as hoped.
The Ministry of Health has announced that the newly vaccinated against Covid-19 are just under one and a half million.

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