How to make money with abandoned land

Why not make money by exploiting abandoned land? You don't have to quit your job to make the most of abandoned land, but for many, purchasing or owning land has become an alternative to working itself.
Land needs care, it's true, but you're also in contact with nature.
Below we will try to guide the reader in a short guide on how agricultural land can be exploited to make money, to transform a purchase into an investment and how it is possible to set up a new business with one of the many pieces of land in the countryside of our We see the country abandoned more and more often.
The first step is to find abandoned land and take it over.
Abandoned land: how to exploit it to make money How to take over abandoned land? What is adverse possession? How to make money with abandoned land: tips How to appropriate abandoned land? To become the owner, and therefore take possession, of abandoned land there are various methods including: the derivative method and the original method, i.e.
through purchase.
In the first case, when we talk about derivative title, the ways to purchase the property are divided into sale, donation and will.
If land is abandoned you can tell by the state of neglect.
Weeds, dirt, broken fences and the like are the signs to understand if the land is abandoned.
Found, we were saying, we need to find out who the owner is and try to contact him.
read also How to take possession of land legally What is adverse possession? In the previous paragraph we mentioned the original purchase, among these there is the adverse possession method.
The ordinary term of adverse possession is twenty years, although in some cases it can be halved.
For example, land registered for agricultural activity receives a reduction in the usucaption term to five years.
It means that if in twenty years no one claims ownership of the land, it comes into possession.
Cultivating land to make money by exploiting an abandoned piece of land is not enough to take advantage of it.
In fact, to obtain possession of the land with this method it is necessary to carry out works such as fences, walls and generally improving the land.
How to make money with abandoned land: advice There are several ways, some more classic, others more innovative, to recommend to those who decide to take over abandoned land and earn some money.
For example, you can choose cultivation, a classic system for exploiting abandoned land both for your own use and for sale.
A large enough piece of land can therefore support your family and be able to sell some products at a local market, online or to neighbors.
If a vegetable garden consumes too much energy and time to manage, there is the possibility of renting the vegetable garden.
That is, through a small monthly contribution you can rent a piece of land to others.
Possible farming methods include: beekeeping and snail farming, which are less demanding than larger animals.
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