Covid, there is an alarm: "In Italy there is a risk of 15 thousand deaths". But no one gets the vaccine

New Covid wave and "15 thousand deaths" are feared in Italy.
This is the alarm raised by Foce (Federation of Oncologists, Cardiologists and Hematologists) given the sharp increase not only in new positive cases in our country, but also in intensive care admissions and deaths.
In recent days, the director of prevention at the Ministry of Health – Francesco Vaia – wanted to underline that "everything is under control, let's not scare people", so much so that the Ministry of Health would also be ready to say goodbye to swabs: as for the flu, for Covid monitoring the reports of a representative sample of general practitioners located throughout Italy will soon be relied upon.
The Covid numbers in Italy revealed by Gimbe's latest monitoring, however, arouse some concern: in the last week of November the infections doubled compared to the beginning of the month, going from 27,000 to 52,000 (over 90% more), while at the time At the same time, hospitalizations in the medical area also increased (+58%).
However, the real cases of Covid in our country could be many more, given the tendency to no longer take swabs and above all because, given the season, the symptoms for most people are those of the common flu.
However, above all people continue to die from Covid in Italy: 881 deaths in November of which 291 in the last week alone, even if these data have yet to be verified by the Higher Institute of Health.
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However, the virus is still among us and is a danger especially for the elderly and frail.
The almost 900 Covid deaths that were recorded in November in Italy can all be traced back to the over 80s, while those hospitalized are almost entirely over 70.
The Ministry of Health's recommendation for the elderly and frail is therefore always the same: do the vaccine booster.
The numbers in Italy for what would currently be the third booster dose, however, are emblematic: only 6.3% of those over 80 received the booster, 2.2% of those aged 70-79 and 1.2% of that 60-69 years.
The booster of the Covid vaccine is recommended by the ministry for all over 60s, frail people of all ages, guests in long-term care facilities, for health and social care workers and for pregnant or breastfeeding women, while it is recommended for family members of fragile people and caregivers.
Given that infections are increasing and vaccines are at a standstill, the Ministry of Health is apparently thinking of a sort of open day with family doctors, all to raise awareness among the most at-risk groups to get booster shots now that winter is here.
now upon us.

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