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Super deduction for those who hire, this is discussed at the States General of Labor

The General States of Labor are underway in Rome, in the Council Room of the Chamber of Commerce: an initiative of the parliamentary group of Fratelli D'Italia whose objective is to take stock of labor issues one year after taking office of the Meloni government.
Many topics were covered, including expansive measures for employment, aimed at increasing employment and granting workers salaries that are adequate for the cost of living.
The States General of Labor are organized into three sessions: From income to equally distributed work; Artificial intelligence and work; Health and safety at work.
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Will super tax deductions be reintroduced in the 2024 budget law? Present at the States General were the Minister of Labor and Social Policies Marina Calderone and the deputy of Fratelli d'Italia Walter Rizzetto, President of the XI Commission (Public and Private Work).
The Honorable Rizzetto took stock of the super tax deductions initially envisaged in the budget law for 2024.
The first draft of the 2024 budget law provided for maxi deductions for those employed on permanent contracts.
The draft indicated an additional deduction of 20% for holders of business income and for arts and professions operators, relating to the incremental labor costs resulting from the hiring of permanent employees.
In the draft, the 20% increase rises up to 30% in the case of permanent hiring of disadvantaged categories of workers.
This measure was added to that planned for 2023 and, consequently, there was talk of a super deduction of up to 120%-130%.
Deputy Walter Rizzetto was asked, during the States General of Labor: in Parliament, can we expect changes compared to the original text of the 2024 Budget law regarding incentives at work? A super deduction was announced which in fact no longer appears in the text, so can we expect a return given that you have said several times that poverty is fought with work and not with support? Do you have in mind a return of incentives or an increase? The Senate is working on the super deduction for those who hire.
From what has been stated, it emerges that the maxi tax deduction for those who hire is being discussed in the Senate in the Budget Committee.
This measure would be added to those already adopted in the Budget law for 2023 which provides for a 60% deductibility in favor of employers who opt for hiring under 30s.
With respect to the hiring issue, there will be concessions for those who intend to hire former recipients of citizen's income, mothers and people in difficulty.
The Honorable underlines that since 1 September a platform has been online that allows those who undertake training courses and intend to retrain to obtain up to 350 euros per month.
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All of these measures, combined with the cut in the tax wedge which reaches 7% for those with incomes up to 35,000 euros, make the financial package for 2024 expansive.
The measures provide a total of 16-18 billion to be put on the labor market.
The Honorable Member comments by underlining that in fact Parliament is considering reintroducing the super tax deduction measure.

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