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How much does Alessandro Florenzi earn? Salary and biography of the AC Milan player

How much does Alessandro Florenzi earn? This is a very topical question given that the AC Milan player is under investigation in Turin as part of the investigation into football betting which has already involved other athletes.
Alessandro Florenzi is the fourth footballer to end up in the crosshairs of the investigators after Nicolò Fagioli, Sandro Tonali and Nicolò Zaniolo: for all of them, based on what we understand, the complaint would be that of abusive exercise of gaming or betting activities.
The Milan full-back could be heard shortly to clarify his position: if the accusations were to be confirmed, from a criminal point of view Florenzi would risk at most a fine while from a sporting point of view he could be subject to a disqualification as already happened to Fagioli and Tonali .
At the moment the boy has not made any statements in this regard, with the Gazzetta dello Sport reporting that Florenzi may not be the last footballer that the Turin Prosecutor's Office is investigating in this betting investigation.
So let's see how much Alessandro Florenzi earns, taking a look at the biography and the salary received by the Milan player who played for Roma for a long time.
Alessandro Florenzi's biography Name: Alessandro Florenzi Date of birth: 11 March 1991 Place of birth: Rome Height and weight: 173 cm, 66 kg Foot: right Family: married to Ilenia Atzori, has two daughters Team: Milan Characteristics: he played for a good part of his career as a midfielder or winger, but in recent seasons he has mainly played as a right-back.
Career: grew up in Roma's youth sector, after a loan to Crotone he played eight seasons with the Giallorossi, before loaned to Valencia and PSG culminating in the transfer to Milan Palmarès: among the main titles there are a European Championship (2020, Italy), a Scudetto (Milan) and a French Cup (PSG) Curiosity: he was one of the Italian double actors of animated film I Primitivi Controversies: in November 2023 the news leaked that he would be investigated in Turin as part of the investigation into football betting Florenzi: his salary and earnings At the moment Alessandro Florenzi is linked to Milan with a contract expiring in June 2025, with the salary received which would be 3 million net per season: a figure in line with the other salaries of the Milanese club.
In the summer of 2022 after his first year with the Rossoneri, Milan decided to buy out Florenzi by paying Roma 2.7 million euros, a lower figure than the 4.5 million that had initially been agreed.
In 2018 the boy had renewed his contract with Roma until 2023, for a gross salary of 5.25 million which net is just over 3 million.
Initially with the Capitoline he earned 26,000 euros gross per year, which rose in 2012 to 600,000 euros net per season.
The subsequent renewal then increased his check to 1.7 million net.
According to the specialized site Transfermarkt, at the moment the market value of Alessandro Florenzi would be 2 million euros, with the maximum being reached in 2018 when the cost of his price tag was estimated at 30 million.

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