How much does Roberto Benigni earn? Net worth and earnings of the Tuscan comedian

How much does Roberto Benigni earn? This is always a very topical question given that we are talking about one of the most famous Italian artists in the world, capable of winning two Oscars in 1999 – as best leading actor and best foreign film – with his masterpiece Life is Beautiful.
Roberto Benigni is now part of the popular culture of the Bel Paese, with his recent commitment to bringing Dante to TV and to the theater without forgetting the cult photo of him holding Enrico Berlinguer or the live national gags with Raffaella Carrà or Pippo Baudo.
His beginnings in the theater in the 1970s, his television popularity in the following decade and finally his worldwide cinema success, with his films not only winning awards but also breaking many box office records.
So let's try to do the math in Roberto Benigni's pocket by analyzing the long career of the Tuscan comedian: from his friendship with Troisi to the Oscar up to his passion for Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy and his historic – and discussed – participations in the Sanremo Festival.
read also How much is an Oscar statuette worth? The biography of Roberto Benigni The activity and artistic career of Roberto Benigni – born in 1952 – began at the age of 19, when he made his debut in the world of music (a detail that many ignore regarding his biography).
Son of farmers, Benigni will begin to move into the world of entertainment, immediately creating an irreverent character destined to create a unique dualism: either you love him or you hate him, a division that still characterizes the character today.
At the end of the 70s he made his debut on the big screen in Berlinguer I Love You, directed by Bertolucci.
The first written and directed film, however, arrived in 1983 with Tu mi turbi, where he met his future wife and inseparable partner Nicoletta Braschi (whom he later married, in 1991).
He will also star in Federico Fellini's last film, The Voice of the Moon, and his first commercial success will come in 1984 with Non ci resta che cuore, alongside his friend Massimo Troisi: the film marks one of the comedian's most famous films, opening the also led to other cult films such as (The Little Devil, Johnny Stecchino, Son of the Pink Panther, The Monster).
Benigni's record takings.
The consecration will arrive in 1997, with the release of Life is Beautiful: the film, which tells the story of the Holocaust, enchants the Italian public (at the box office with a record figure of 15 billion lire), and the American one which rewards it with two Oscars, including Best Foreign Film and Best Actor for Roberto Benigni.
In terms of figures, Benigni's film is to date the tenth highest grossing film ever seen in Italy, with 31 million euros, and the highest grossing Italian film in history on a global level (229 million dollars).
Previously the other films also did very well in terms of takings: Non ci resta che Piangere 15 billion, Il Piccolo Diavolo 40 billion, Johnny Stecchino 42 billion and Il Mostro 35 billion.
His latest film as director The Tiger and the Snow – which cost 35 million dollars – grossed 24 million dollars worldwide, of which almost 15 in Italy.
Roberto Benigni's assets: from investments to Sanremo's cachet In addition to recording a prodigious sell-out with shows such as Tutto Dante, staged around the most famous Italian squares and also broadcast live on Rai, Benigni owns the house with his wife Nicoletta Braschi production company Melampo Cinematografica, founded in 1991.
In 2022, an article by La Verità regarding Melampo Cinematografica's 2021 budget reported that the company "achieved revenues (which relate to the collection of the rights to the well-known actor's films) of 875 thousand euros, sharply decreasing from over 2 million in the previous year, so much so that the profit fell year on year from 620 thousand to just over 122 thousand euros".
For his participation in Sanremo 2020 there was talk of a fee of between 250 thousand and 300 thousand euros, while from an entrepreneurial point of view, in addition to the film production company, among the activities of the Tuscan comedian we find Tentacoli Edizioni Musicali, which owns the rights to the soundtracks taken from his films.
According to 2020 data, this is also joined by a real estate company (with 21 houses and as many lands), a villa in La Maddalena (province of Sassari, Sardinia) and Sicura srl, a company from Cesena that sells powdered milk for babies .
According to Forbes magazine, in 2019 the richest Italian actor would be Roberto Benigni with a wealth estimated at around 245 million dollars, thus surpassing Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci in this special ranking.

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