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Lotto draws, Superenalotto today Thursday 30 November 2023, live

Last day of November and last chance to end the month in the best way by trying your luck with the Lotto and Superenalotto games.
This evening, Thursday 30 November, a new draw is scheduled, number 164 of the year.
Starting from the Superenalotto, this evening the jackpot up for grabs will be 24 million 200 thousand euros.
In the last draw (Here are the winning numbers), Sisal distributed winnings for a total of 4,202,043 euros.
The highest were 4 wins with 5 points which won almost 47 thousand euros respectively.
As for the Lotto game, Lombardy is the luckiest region in the latest draw with top winnings.
In Voghera, in the province of Pavia, two identical quadruplets on the Bari wheel (with the numbers 1-17-47-54) won a total of 49 thousand euros.
For lovers of 10eLotto, today is a special day because there will be the introduction of special draws with increased prizes.
This is one of the latest innovations designed for 10eLotto in every 5 minute mode.
Today, between 4.05pm and 6.00pm, there will be several special draws that will offer higher prizes than the classic ones.
In short, a new opportunity for lovers of this game.
Below are all the winning numbers drawn live this evening.
Lotto and Superenalotto draws today Thursday 30 November 2023 8.19pm Superenalotto: this evening's winning line-up Winning numbers: 27-38-41-81-84-86 Wildcard number: 49 Superstar number: 69 8.08pm Lotto draw: the winning numbers on the wheels of Venice and National Venice: 61-77-52-68-73 National: 71-76-24-18-78 8.06pm Lotto draw: the winning numbers on the wheels of Turin, Palermo and Florence Turin : 69-34-29-86-40 Palermo: 71-24-59-64-88 Florence: 71-45-85-61-68 8.04pm Lotto draw: the winning numbers on the wheels of Bari, Cagliari and Genoa Bari: 16-80-49-58-64 Cagliari: 61-75-70-74-83 Genoa: 81-8-90-88-45 20:02 Lotto draw: the winning numbers on the wheels of Naples, Rome and Milan Naples: 30-38-69-4-65 Rome: 25-27-48-45-68 Milan: 20-11-39-27-86 18:30 Superenalotto: frequent and late numbers Here are the Superenalotto statistics: Frequent numbers: 6-49-55-77-85-86 Late numbers: 2-15-32-50-55-72 5.36pm Lotto: the late numbers wheel by wheel Lotto: here are the late numbers: Bari: 78 – 144 draws; Cagliari: 73 – 97 draws; Florence: 28 – 66 draws; Genoa: 6 – 92 draws; Milan: 58 – 88 draws; Naples: 21 – 101 draws; Palermo: 27 – 116 draws; Rome: 89 – 71 draws; Turin: 53 – 104 draws; Venice: 2 – 152 draws; National: 78 – 82 draws.

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