Gisella Cardia, who she is and how much the visionary from Trevignano earns

The spotlight is once again on the visionary of Trevignano – Maria Giuseppa Scarpulla, aka Gisella Cardia – after some rumors revealed that even Pope Francis seems to want to delve deeper into the story of the alleged apparitions of the Madonna.
Although media attention towards the visionary from Trevignano has waned in recent times, she continues to hold rallies every third day of the month (although they are increasingly less crowded and without live streaming) and to act as a spokesperson for messages divine (the last one, in October, seems to have come directly from the voice of Jesus).
In the meantime, in August there was a sentence from the Council of State which required the removal of all the illegal buildings present on the hill where the monthly rallies are held, which came after a period in which Gisella Cardia had even been accused of to have disappeared.
Le Iene will talk about Gisella Cardia today in the well-known Inside program during which light will be shed on a story in which the visionary from Trevignano is even accused of fraud by some of her followers.
read also Veronica Gentili new host of Le Iene: who she is, qualifications, career and private life Who is Gisella Cardia, the visionary from Trevignano? Gisella Cardia, born Maria Giuseppa Scarpulla, is a 53-year-old former entrepreneur and famous seer from Trevignano.
She lived in Patti, Sicily, where she owned a ceramics company, but after the failure of the business venture and a suspended two-year sentence for fraudulent bankruptcy, she moved to Trevignano where she started her new and profitable business .
According to what the woman said, after a trip to Medjugorje in 2016 with her husband, during which she purchased a ceramic statuette of the Madonna, the statuette began to weep blood.
Scarpulla has repeatedly stated that from that moment the Madonna began to appear to her, leaving messages for the faithful.
But not only.
Gisella Cardia said that circular wounds, or stigmata, formed on the hands and feet every Ash Wednesday.
These wounds refer to those that were inflicted on Jesus during the crucifixion, wounds often associated with holiness by part of the Catholic religion.
How much does Gisella Cardia, the visionary from Trevignano, earn? There are many rumors from Gisella Cardia's former faithful, according to which the visionary from Trevignano would have earned hundreds if not millions of euros.
Unfortunately, the visionary never revealed how much she earned from her new business and therefore the exact figures are not known.
According to what was said by the woman herself and by the former employees of her ceramics company, Gisella Cardia (born Maria Giuseppa Scarpulla) would always have led a comfortable, wealthy life, even going around with the driver, despite her company has failed.
Yet his activity as a seer has brought him some income to Gisella Cardia: some of his former faithful speak of earnings of as much as 6 million euros.
But if these figures have never been confirmed, it is possible to know with certainty how much some of his former faithful who had the courage to denounce the "visionary of Trevignano" had paid.
This is the case of a former official of the Ministry of Economy and expert in theology, 71 years old, Luigi Avella, the first repentant to say that he trusted the visionary of Trevignano.
The pensioner had approached Gisella Cardia in 2019, following a serious road accident involving his wife and over time he had become one of her loyalists, going so far as to donate to the La Madonna del Trevignano association of the self-styled visionary and her husband, Gianni Cardia, a substantial sum, around 123 thousand euros.
So the visionary certainly earned a lot of money from this activity.
The Church investigates In the meantime, as declared by the bishop of Civita Castellana Marco Salvi, Pope Francis would also be interested in the matter, as is the whole Church.
Answers are being sought on the history of the tears and apparitions of the Madonna, the attention for these events is very high: at the moment a Commission has been established made up of a Mariologist, an exorcist, a psychologist, a theologian, a canonist, to establish whether what told by Cardia actually happened.
However, it must be said that up to now the visionary seems to have rejected the proposals to meet with the Commission, at least according to what Bishop Salvi declared.

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