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Transport bonus 60 euros, click day coming on December 1st

Transport bonus of 60 euros, the appointment is for December 1st on the Ministry of Labor platform.
Click day is back to receive the bonus for the purchase of season tickets for local, regional and national rail public transport.
The platform set up by the Ministry of Transport will reopen the possibility of sending applications from 8.00 am on Friday 1 December 2023.
In December, the resources not used up by the requests in November will be made available.
We remember, in fact, that with the click day in October the last available funds ran out, which were then refinanced with another 35 million euros for the months of November and December.
Everything that has remained unpaid since November is made available for the month of December, when the transport bonus will be paid until resources are exhausted.
Transport bonus, what is it? Introduced by the 2022 Aid Decree, the transport bonus is an economic contribution provided in the form of a voucher which must be used for the purchase of monthly or annual season tickets for local, interregional or regional public transport and for national rail transport (excluded from the benefit services, executive, businessm, premium, business lounge, first class).
The discount covers 100% of the expense incurred for the purchase of season tickets, but up to a maximum of 60 euros.
This is a benefit that is renewable every month, upon request, and is aimed at all citizens who meet the requirements established by the legislation.
For 2023 it is up to all those with a personal income not exceeding 20,000 euros.
For minors, even if one of the two parents requests it, the income of the beneficiary (the minor himself) must be taken into account and not of the person requesting it.
How to apply for the transport bonus on 1 December To request the transport bonus on 1 December 2023 it is necessary to access the platform set up by the Ministry of Transport by logging in with your credentials: Spid; There is; Cns.
You do not need any certification of your income (it is therefore not necessary to have a valid ISEE or to attach any income declaration from the previous year), but you just need to self-declare, by ticking the appropriate box, that you have an income of less than 20,000 euros referring to the year 2022.
For each authentication it is possible to submit only one transport bonus application.
In fact, therefore, by authenticating you will be able to request a personal voucher or for your dependent child.
If there is a need to obtain another voucher (in case it is necessary to request it both personally and for the minor child) it will be possible to log in again since the tax code of the beneficiary is the basis for the unique request.
Please note that for adult children the request does not have to be submitted by the parent: young people, even if they are dependent, must submit the application independently using their own credentials.
The voucher requested on 1 December 2023 can be used to purchase a season ticket by 31 December; otherwise the funds contained therein will be lost (which will be available again on the platform).

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