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Isee 2024 documents, the complete list

It's time to collect the documents for ISEE 2024, at least for those who will turn to cafs and patronages to issue the new certificate.
Thanks to the new INPS pre-compiled service, in fact, those who independently request the ISEE certification do not have to attach any documents.
The ISEE, an indicator of the equivalent economic situation, is the parameter that serves to ascertain the economic situation of families in order to evaluate whether they are entitled to bonuses or benefits.
It is valid from 1 January to 31 December of the reference year, and must be renewed at the beginning of the year in order to update the income situation.
To do this, a series of information is taken into consideration which, as regards income and assets, refers to two years before the presentation of the DSU (Single Substitute Declaration) for ISEE purposes.
For this reason, when you contact a CAF you must give them the documents necessary to find such data, in particular regarding assets.
The ISEE can be presented from January 2024, however today you can start collecting the documents needed to send the request.
For a complete guide on how to request the ISEE 2024, and to also understand what it is for, you can consult our in-depth article.
Below, however, we will focus on the necessary documentation, clarifying the average stocks, incomes and assets necessary for the purpose of issuing the certificate.
ISEE 2024 documents, which components are needed First of all it is good to clarify which components are to be indicated in the ISEE.
Here the family unit is taken as reference at the time the DSU occurs, therefore taking into account: all the members who are in the same residence and therefore appear within the same family status; other dependent components.
The case is different for couples of unmarried and non-cohabiting parents.
For the ISEE for minors, in the case of unmarried parents, the parent who does not live with the minor children as an aggregate member must also be indicated.
There are exceptions, for example if he has other children with a different partner or is married: in this case it will not be necessary to indicate it as an aggregate component.
The same thing applies to the ISEE university, in which the parent of the student child is taken into account even if he or she does not live with him.
Which documents are needed for ISEE 2024 purposes Having said this, we can see which documents are required for ISEE 2024 purposes.
Attention, the following documents are valid for all members of the family unit, including minors.
First of all, the identity document of the person presenting the DSU is required, as well as all the tax codes of the other members.
Then for the purposes of the DSU it is necessary to indicate income and assets and in this regard it is necessary to deliver, or in any case have with you in case you make the ISEE request independently from the INPS website, the following documents.
Incomes Please note that the incomes taken into consideration by the ISEE 2024 are those referring to the period from 1 January to 31 December 2022.
In detail, you must have with you: Form 730 and/or Income Form 2023 and (for employees /pensioners) CU 2023 forms, referring to 2022 income.
In reality, many times this document is not needed as the income data is automatically sent by the Revenue Agency.
However, to avoid taking risks it is always better to have it with you; certifications, or in any case any other documentation, certifying compensation, allowances, social security and welfare treatments, income exempt for Irpef purposes, income produced abroad, scholarships and/or study allowances, maintenance allowances for spouses and children, compensation paid for services amateur sports; IRAP for agricultural entrepreneurs; exceptionally for residents in Trentino there is the obligation to declare all provincial allowances received, such as the regional allowance, or the income allowances linked to the Icef.
However, documentation is not required for any benefits recognized by the INPS for the period from 1 January to 31 December 2022.
These, such as the Naspi or even the citizen's income, are indicated in the ISEE but the INPS acquires the information directly from its systems.
Assets The same applies to assets, for which those in possession as of 31 December 2022 are always examined.
The documentation requested concerns: balance and average stock as of 31 December 2022 for bank and/or postal deposits.
We remind you that this applies to all members, even minors; documents that indicate the value of a specific movable asset, which may be bank and/or postal deposits, savings books, government bonds, bonds, shares, BOTs, CCTs, savings bonds, investment funds, forms of savings insurance and any other form of management of movable assets; the type of assets must always be indicated, as well as the identification number of this relationship, the tax code of the banking institution or asset management company, the date of opening and possibly closing of such relationships; certification where the residual principal amount of the mortgages stipulated for the purchase and/or construction of owned properties is indicated, including the first home; self-employed workers, as well as those who have company shares, must also present documents certifying the net worth resulting from the latest financial statement presented, or in any case the sum of final inventories and depreciable assets net of depreciation.
For cars, motorbikes (displacement exceeding 500cc) and boats owned on the date of presentation of the DSU, the license plate is required, or alternatively the registration details at the PRA and/or RID.
Finally, for those who live in rent it is necessary to indicate the details of the registration of the contract.
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