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Lotto and Superenalotto Draw on Thursday, May 2nd, 2024: Winning Numbers Live

Exciting Lotto and Superenalotto Draw

Another thrilling Lotto and Superenalotto draw is scheduled for this month of May, following the May Day celebrations, promising a wave of luck for participants.
The Superenalotto, in particular, has not seen a 6 for quite some time now, and the jackpot is steadily approaching the impressive sum of 100 million euros.
Tonight, an enticing prize of 97.4 million euros is up for grabs.

Superenalotto Highlights

In the previous draw on Tuesday, a total of 735,150 prizes were awarded, amounting to a sum of 4,532,279 euros.
The highest winnings were claimed by five players with 5 correct numbers, each taking home just over 31,000 euros.

Lotto Luck

Turning to the Lotto, the draw on Tuesday saw the highest prize go to Reggio Calabria, where a lucky player won 42,150 euros with a successful “quaterna” bet on the Venice numbers, having played only 1.50 euros.
The winning numbers were 19, 22, 31, and 42.

The luck spread to the capital city as well, with another “quaterna” bet on the Bari numbers resulting in a prize of 25,800 euros from just a 1 euro bet.
Additionally, prizes of 25,000 euros each were won in Valle d’Intelvi, above Como, and in the city of Prato.
Here are the winning numbers drawn tonight.

Lotto and Superenalotto Draw – Thursday, May 2, 2024

Superenalotto Winning Numbers:

14-43-54-69-80-90 Jolly: 01 Superstar: 57

Lotto Winning Numbers – This Evening:

Venice: 41-48-57-12-15 National: 84-70-10-67-74

Florence: 71-12-4-27-1 Palermo: 37-77-19-17-12 Turin: 83-56-46-57-19

Bari: 43-35-83-74-40 Cagliari: 10-23-48-1-87 Genoa: 83-37-42-70-78

Rome: 79-85-90-55-49 Milan: 28-72-27-30-7 Naples: 34-42-13-67-11

For more detailed information on frequent and overdue numbers, and past results, visit the official Superenalotto website and Lotto portal.

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