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Who is Gino Cecchettin, what work he does and Giulia's father's future plans

Gino Cecchettin's presence at Che tempo che fa sparked social controversy.
The comments of the keyboard lions tired the Cecchettin family, who finally decided to respond after the young woman's funeral.
Previously the words of the family were aimed only at communication regarding gender violence and feminicides, but the accusation made against Gino Cecchettin broke the camel's back.
Several defamatory posts, also commented by the family lawyer who took charge of the matter, who want Gino to calculate everything to promote his company; for example by going to sit in front of Fabio Fazio.
The reasons for the show are different, namely that after the important speech given to remember his daughter Giulia, Gino Cecchettin's presence is political and cultural, not for his own career, but "so that there isn't another Giulia".
A few days ago Gino himself had said that he wanted to ensure that, once the emotion was over, we didn't go back to dozing off.
Gino Cecchettino excludes "politics", but not civil commitment, which he says is "duty".
On LinkedIn he wrote that he wanted to take a break from work to reflect on a new civic commitment and channel the pain into positive actions.
Who is Gino Cecchettin and what does he do? From Gino Cecchettin's LinkedIn profile we can reconstruct at least part of his life, his educational and working life for example.
Family life, however morbid the curiosity around the Cecchettin family after the events involving young Giulia, does not go beyond what the members have decided to tell.
Gino Cecchettin studied to become an engineer, graduating in 1994 in Computer Engineering at the University of Padua.
At the same time he also started working in the sector.
Starting in 2000 he started his first business in the electronics sector, also working abroad.
In 2018 he founded 4neXt, a company that provides technological products and solutions to companies operating in the field of automation and data management.
read also How to stop violence against women What are Gino Cecchettin's future plans? Civil commitment Regarding his future, Gino Cecchettin declared that he wanted to take a break from work.
On LinkedIn he writes: It is with great pain that I share with you a moment of pause from my profession, deeply marked by the recent loss of my daughter Giulia.
This period of mourning and reflection is and will be a difficult journey, but also an opportunity to reflect on the importance of positive relationships and mutual support.
He himself then reported his intentions for the future, starting from the civil commitment so that there is no other story like Giulia's.
In the long message on the social network at work he writes as: I am also reflecting on a new civic commitment that will accompany my journey.
I wish to channel the pain into positive actions, which can help those who find themselves in the same situations as Giulia.
One of these, in addition to the touching and significant message and final farewell at his daughter's funeral, there is also the interview on the show Che tempo Che Fa by Fabio Fazio.

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