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How much does a shower consume, how much do you spend on water and gas on your bill

How much do hot showers cost? At the basis of correct personal hygiene, the shower represents a moment of well-being, excellent for easing the tensions accumulated during the day.
Yet the time spent under the jet of hot water has a clear impact on water and gas bills at the end of the month.
And if the little ones are taught right from the start not to waste water, "not to spend an eternity in the shower", this rule does not seem to be applied correctly even by adults.
Therefore saving water, a priority from an ethical-environmental point of view, also becomes an economic question.
In fact, a hot shower, like any energy consumption, has its own cost and it is good to know it in order to take measures in view of the next bills at the end of the month.
This is how much a hot shower consumes.
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Obviously it is not possible to establish with certainty how much you consume – and therefore how much it costs – a single hot shower.
As there are many factors that can influence the final price on the bill.
In fact, the price of a single shower is influenced by: the amount of time spent under the jet of hot water; the capacity in liters of the boiler tank; power and efficiency; the starting temperature of the water and the arrival temperature.
Before calculating how much a hot shower costs in your water bill, you need to add the cost of gas or electricity used to heat the water.
Gas Assuming that the tank contains 12 litres, that 14°C are the starting degrees and 50°C are those of the final temperature, with a 26 kW boiler and an efficiency equal to 85%, from the calculations it can be deduced that the gas consumed to heat water is 0.49 kWh for approximately one minute.
Still on a hypothetical level, if a shower lasts about 5 minutes, 42 liters of water will therefore be needed, which will consume 0.20 cubic meter of standard methane in order to be heated.
Now you need to make a simple proportion between this data and your rate for a cubic meter of gas.
In February 2024, on the Protected Market, the cubic meter of methane has a cost of €0.388/Smc, which means that each 5-minute shower will have an impact on the gas bill of €0.07 (7 cents).
Electricity It is estimated, however, according to calculators, that for a 5-minute shower the energy consumption to heat approximately 40-50 liters of water is equal to 1-1.25 kWh.
At this point, simply calculate the energy cost by multiplying consumption by your energy tariff.
As of 4 February 2024, the electricity price indicated by Arera is €0.131/kWh.
This means that a five-minute hot shower will have an impact on the electricity bill of between 0.13-0.16 euros (between 13-16 cents).
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As reported by other sources, only in September 2023 was it estimated that the average cost per cubic meter of water is equal to 2.35 euros per cubic meter, which means that a single 5-minute shower will cost approximately 0 .10 euros This figure, added to the energy cost, will give the real cost of a single shower of water.
Bills, ways to save water Faced with the costs of a single hot shower, especially how it affects the water bill, it is natural that families want to find a way to reduce consumption.
This is not only healthy for the wallets of Italian families, but above all it is healthy for the environment.
Suffice it to say that on average 5-10 liters of water are consumed every minute.
It is good to know that there are various tricks to adopt to reduce water consumption at home, such as: checking that there are no leaks in the pipes.
This will allow you to save up to 22% of water; in any case prefer a shower to a bath in the tub.
In this way you can save at least half the water; Don't let the shower water run while you're soaping up.
It is estimated that this way up to 2,500 liters of water per person can be saved; install jet-breaking taps that can reduce consumption by up to half.
These are just some of the useful tips for saving water, respecting the environment and saving your savings from the end-of-month bills.
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