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Can bills be paid in installments?

A family knows well how much electricity and gas bills weigh on the family budget.
With the increases in recent years, regularly paying household utility bills is becoming really difficult.
The question we want to answer today with this article is: can bills be paid in installments? The answer is yes, but not always.
Paying a bill in installments means that instead of paying it in full when due, you can divide the amount into small monthly amounts so as to weigh less on the family budget.
However, this opportunity is not always permitted but there are specific circumstances that allow the payment of bills in installments.
The first is that you must belong to the greater protection service.
Even those in the free market could pay their bills in installments but this depends on what is established in the contract with the individual managers and on whether and how they foresee it.
read also Bills, sting alarm: how prices increase with the war in Israel When it is possible to ask for gas bills to be paid in installments There are three cases in which a customer who owns a gas supply contract can ask to pay a bill in installments .
Here are the ones: if the periodicity of the bills is not monthly, the customer can ask to pay in installments if a balancing bill has an amount greater than double that of the bills on account received after the last balancing bill; when the meter breaks and the seller asks to pay for the consumption made but not recorded; when the seller asks the customer for an adjustment due to one or more missed readings but the meter is accessible.
Payment in installments cannot take place if the amount is less than 50 euros.
The request for installment payments must be made directly to the manager in the manner indicated.
Typically you are either required to fill out an online form or are asked to call customer service.
The seller has 30 days to request payment of the first instalment.
How to pay your electricity bill in installments Electricity bills under the enhanced protection regime can also be paid in installments when required, or if they fall into these cases: The bill exceeds the average amount of invoices in the last 12 months by at least 150%.
; it was issued after the suspension of the normal billing cycle and exceeds the average invoice amount of the last 12 months by at least 150%; the billing periodicity was not respected; contains consumption that was not previously recorded due to a meter failure; the bill is the first issued after the activation of the supply and is calculated on the basis of readings that exceed the self-reading communicated by the customer by at least 150%.
The amount to be paid in installments must also be greater than 50 euros, the request must be made within 10 days of its expiry, the installments follow the billing cycle and cannot be less than two.
If your electricity bill can be paid in installments you can find out by going to the customer information section.
Here you will find the message: «Can I pay this bill in installments? Yes, the bill can be paid in installments.» At that point you can proceed either by sending the request online by filling out the appropriate form or by calling customer service.
Those who benefit from the social bonuses provided for by law can request to pay one or more bills in installments even if they do not fall within the aforementioned cases of installment options.
Obviously, if you do not pay an installment by the deadline, the plan will be canceled and you will have to pay the entire amount in a single payment plus any interest accrued.
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