Lotto draws in Italy

Lotto and Superenalotto draws today Thursday 26 October: the numbers drawn live

Today Thursday 26 October new draw day for the Lotto and Superenalotto games.
The publication of the winning numbers is scheduled as usual starting from 8 pm.
This evening will be the 144th draw of the year.
In the previous one, 143 of 24 October 2023, as regards the Superenalotto there were no wins with 6 or 5+1.
The maximum winnings were 3 with 5 points taking home just over 63 thousand euros each.
This evening the jackpot rose to 74,800,000 euros.
As far as the Lotto game is concerned, Tuscany was the most successful region in the previous draw.
Three wins were recorded in Florence, Lucca and Arezzo.
The highest in Sesto Fiorentino (FI), with 10,000 euros on the Florence wheel.
Five were decisive, numbers played 5, 7, 17, 19, 73, 74.
Then in Lucca I won 7,625 euros with a terno on the wheel of Naples and the lucky numbers 7, 8 and 38.
Finally in Arezzo, the win was 7,500 euro thanks to both on the wheel of Cagliari.
The numbers 12 and 23 are decisive.
On this page we will follow the live broadcast of this evening's draw.
Lotto draws, today's Superenalotto live 8.12pm Superenalotto: here is the winning line-up Winning numbers: 11-19-28-34-38-45 Wildcards: 1 Superstar: 31 8.08pm Lotto draws today 26 October: the numbers extracts Bari: 66-69-83-31-79 Cagliari: 45-89-6-88-37 Florence: 79-86-66-84-65 Genoa: 42-37-88-50-2 Milan: 73-45 -36-60-39 Naples: 38-43-80-20-28 Palermo: 44-8-58-59-50 Rome: 4-16-57-36-41 Turin: 58-65-6-4-48 Venice: 53-71-52-63-37 National: 80-33-41-5-82 8.06pm Lotto draw: the numbers drawn on the wheels of Venice and National Venice: 53-71-52-63-37 National : 80-33-41-5-82 8.04pm Lotto draw: the numbers drawn on the wheels of Palermo, Turin and Florence Palermo: 44-8-58-59-50 Turin: 58-65-6-4-48 Florence: 79-86-66-84-65 8.02pm Lotto draw: the numbers drawn on the wheels of Genoa, Cagliari and Bari Genoa: 42-37-88-50-2 Cagliari: 45-89-6-88- 37 Bari: 66-69-83-31-79 8.01pm Lotto extraction: the numbers drawn on the wheels of Naples, Rome and Milan Naples: 38-43-80-20-28 Rome: 4-16-57-36 -41 Milan: 73-45-36-60-39 18:45 Lotto: the most frequent numbers wheel by wheel Bari: 74; Cagliari: 56; Florence: 70; Genoa: 55; Milan: 40; Naples: 67; Palermo: 76; Rome: 82; Turin: 42; Venice: 39; National: 50.
5.13pm Superenalotto: the late and most frequent numbers here are the six latecomers: 44-50-68-32-72-19; the most frequent numbers: 86-77-6-55-81-85.
5.07pm Lotto draw: the late numbers wheel by wheel on the Bari wheel the number 78 is missing from 124 draws; on the Cagliari wheel the number 73 has been missing for 77 draws; on the wheel of Florence the number 24 has been missing for 62 draws; on the Genoa wheel the number 56 has been missing for 76 draws; on the Milan wheel the number 65 has been missing for 75 draws; on the Naples wheel the number 21 has been missing for 81 draws; on the Palermo wheel the number 62 has been missing for 116 draws; on the wheel of Rome the number 38 has been missing for 62 draws; on the Turin wheel the number 53 has been missing for 84 draws; on the wheel of Venice the number 2 has been missing for 132 draws; on the National wheel the number 24 has been missing for 106 draws.

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