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Nurses, job opportunities with a salary of 3,500 euros (and paid flight). That's where

Nursing Up, the national nurses' union, has announced the presence of some unparalleled job opportunities: salaries of up to 3,500 euros and paid flights.
We are talking about flying because Norway is looking for Italian nurses with such conviction, offering extremely competitive working conditions.
Without a doubt, the flight of our professionals abroad is destined to grow thanks to these proposals and it is completely understandable.
Italian training and study paths have always been attractive to other countries, but – as the union has pointed out – our institutions are unable to keep up with this job search.
In this case, Norway even offers availability to students who have not yet completed their studies, all with decidedly favorable conditions.
The numerous offers from Oslo are accompanied by searches from all over the world, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
Here's what it is.
Nurses, salary up to 3,500 euros and paid flight Norway's job offers are aimed at Italian nurses, offering a permanent employment contract with a salary between 2,800 and 3,500 euros.
The flight from Italy to the Norwegian destination is fully paid for and in most cases the rent and bills are also paid, at least for the first time.
This is why, even given the high cost of living in cities like Oslo and Bergen, the opportunity is quite attractive.
Furthermore, rewards and bonuses are excluded from the indicated salary, in fact referring to average contracts of 37.5 hours per week.
The offers are numerous, available on all recruiting agencies (including Global working).
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The desire to hire professional nurses from Italy is such that knowledge of the Norwegian language is not even required, not even at level basic.
Presumably, nurses will then have to get underway once they arrive at their destination, but without any particular rush.
The job advertisements are thus truly open to all professionals, who can apply immediately and do not need to have particular linguistic knowledge.
Also because Norwegian is not a widely studied language in Italy and even just the basics are quite complicated.
Nurses thus find themselves faced with a very advantageous opportunity, having the possibility of learning the language directly on site.
Opportunities also for nursing students Several job advertisements from Norwegian public health are also aimed at third-year nursing students, who will be followed until they complete their studies and then be hired in Norway.
It is difficult to match this kind of commitment, which represents for students security in their professional future and the achievement of stability as soon as they graduate, with a permanent contract and a more than fair salary.
Obviously the selections are also open to the most experienced, those who have followed a specialization master's degree or have even already had experience in the field are highly sought after not only in Norway, but also in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
7,000 fewer nurses, strike on December 5.
Professionals will therefore have to be willing to move permanently, completely changing their lifestyle habits and in most cases also having to tolerate the distance from their loved ones.
Despite this, the advantageous nature of these advertisements is an excellent compromise for many professionals, almost impossible to achieve while staying in Italy.
It is certainly no coincidence that in the last 3 years as many as 7,000 nurses have left the country, preferring destinations inside and outside Europe where their commitment and professionalism are recognized and valued.
Naturally these more than legitimate choices have contributed to worsening the position of those who, however, remained in Italy and who are increasingly exhausted by work.
This is also why nurses will participate in a strike on December 5th, together with some medical unions, once again asking for an improvement in working conditions and an adjustment in pay.
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