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Lotto draws, Superenalotto today Thursday 14 March, live

The appointment with luck returns this evening with the 42nd Lotto and Superenalotto draw of the year.
Tuesday's edition of the Lotto produced millionaire winnings.
Like in Castelpetroso, a small village of 1,500 souls in Molise, where a lucky winner won 50,596 euros with a quadruple on the wheel of Florence.
He bet a single euro on the following numbers 13, 17, 23, 47 and 81 and won.
Lombardy was also the queen of the last draw with total winnings of over 70,000 euros in three different provinces: Milan, Brescia and Varese.
The largest in the Milanese capital where a terno was hit again on the wheel of Florence for 21,739 euros.
This evening the hunt for late numbers also starts again after last week the highly anticipated number 78 was released on the Bari wheel which had been missing for 201 draws.
Many players were waiting for it and the 78 gave total winnings – as reported by Agimeg – of 15.6 million euros, i.e.
78% of all the prizes paid to Lotto in Italy in the competition in question.
The Superenalotto side continues the hunt for the millionaire jackpot which, competition after competition, is rising higher and higher until it reaches important peaks.
Today the prize money up for grabs is 74,500,000 million euros.
In Tuesday's draw still no 5+1 but only 4 winners with 5 points who won just under 50,000 euros each.
Overall, Sisal paid out winnings of 4,369,970 euros.
Lotto and Superenalotto draws today Thursday 14 March, live 8.13pm Lotto: all the winning numbers this evening 8.08pm Lotto: Venice and National Venice: 63-1-32-56-37 National: 7-69-45 -48-33 20:06 Lotto: Florence, Palermo and Turin Florence: 51-85-18-9-73 Palermo: 44-86-76-9-63 Turin: 80-24-11-38-18 20:04 Lotto: Bari, Cagliari and Genoa Bari: 18-79-33-13-66 Cagliari: 30-83-61-69-20 Genoa: 30-48-67-88-71 20:02 Lotto: Rome, Milan and Naples Rome: 47-23-26-67-17 Milan: 47-89-72-27-54 Naples: 87-13-4-40-88 18:52 Superenalotto: frequent and late numbers Frequent numbers: 6-49- 55-77-85-86 Late numbers: 1-8-18-31-40-65 5.12pm Lotto: late numbers Bari: 23 missing from 74 draws; Cagliari: 16 missing from 95 draws; Florence: 57 missing from 70 draws; Genoa: 41 missing from 69 draws; Milan: 32 missing from 72 draws; Naples: 54 missing from 61 draws; Palermo: 47 missing from 117 draws; Rome: 89 missing from 131 draws; Turin: 89 missing from 107 draws; Venice: 48 missing from 121 draws; National: 66 missing from 67 draws.

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