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Thirteenth teachers exam 2023, when does it arrive? Who is entitled to it and give payment

When does the 13th teacher year 2023 arrive? And who is entitled to the full amount? What are the payment dates for the Christmas bonus? Questions that teachers, especially novice ones, could ask themselves.
The thirteenth month's salary, also called Christmas bonus, is paid in December to all private and public employees before the holidays.
All teachers are entitled to it, but depending on the type of contract and the number of months worked, the payment of the thirteenth salary will take place on different dates and in certain cases with a partial credit.
These days all the teachers, but also the ATA staff of the school, are waiting to find out the amount of the salary and the items on the NoiPa payslip, however access to the platform, and in particular to the payment consultation service in the reserved area , is inhibited at least until the afternoon of December 7th.
Precisely with regard to the salary slip, it should be noted that some teachers will not find the 2023 thirteenth salary on it, but will have to wait for a special issue.
Let's see what the payment dates for the thirteenth teachers' salary in December are, who receives it in full and who does not.
Thirteenth teachers' salary 2023: who is entitled to the full amount Not all teachers will receive the full amount of the thirteenth salary 2023 and this depends on the type of contract and therefore a distinction must be made between: teachers with permanent contracts, i.e.
permanent ones; teachers with fixed-term contact on 30 June or 31 August; teachers with occasional or short-term substitution awarded by institute rankings.
Permanent teachers receive their full thirteenth salary in December with their monthly salary.
The thirteenth is paid to public and private employees before the Christmas holidays as a thirteenth month's salary based on the months worked.
Therefore, for those who have worked for at least 12 months, it is another salary on the paycheck in December.
Teachers with a contract until 30 June or 31 August 2024 who took up service in the school in September or October (some also in November and we remind you that GPS substitutions can be assigned until 31 December), receive the thirteenth teacher salary only for the months already worked.
The remainder, for the months from January to June or August, will be paid in December 2024 with a special issue.
The thirteenth of the teachers who have a short or occasional substitute contract, awarded by institute rankings to cover teachers on illness, maternity or leave for example, will receive the thirteenth fraction every month with the installment of the monthly salary.
In light of what has been said, if those who have a permanent contract receive their thirteenth salary in full in December, those who have an annual substitute contract will only receive part of it and the remaining amount will arrive in a year.
Those who have a short substitute contract, however, must wait for the special issue of the salary to also see the installment of the thirteenth installment recognised.
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The dates for the payment of the thirteenth teachers' salary may vary: teachers with permanent contracts will receive the thirteenth month's salary with the December salary which will arrive earlier than the ordinary date of the 23rd of the month.
The credit should be expected on Friday 15th December, or even around the 13th or 14th, however no later than the middle of the month; even teachers with contracts on 30 June or 31 August receive their thirteenth salary by the middle of the month with their monthly salary.
As regards teachers who in the 2022/2023 school year had an annual substitute contract on 30 June or 31 August, and are awaiting the remaining thirteenth salary for the work carried out from January 2023 until the expected deadline, they will have to wait for the special issue of the ministry available in due time in the "Payment consultation" section of NoiPa.
Last year the special issue for the thirteenth back issue was on December 22nd, so this year too it could arrive before Christmas.
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