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NoiPa Payslip November 2023 teachers salary, reduced amount: why and credit dates

The NoiPa teachers' salary slip for November should be online after the middle of the month with all the details of the amount that should be reduced compared to what happened in October.
But why is the amount of teachers' November salaries reduced? When will the payment arrive? We answer these questions for those teachers who have noticed a reduction in the amount of their salary because, although the payslip will only be available in about ten days, many have already viewed the amount due in the reserved area of the NoiPa platform.
Some teachers complain about a reduction in the amount compared to the month of November of at least 100 euros.
Let's see why and what are the November 2023 salary payment dates for teachers.
NoiPa Payslip November 2023 teachers' salary: this is why the amount is reduced The amount of the November NoiPa payslip salary for teachers is reduced by at least 100 euros compared to the previous month.
As Orizzontescuola.it anticipates, this is due to the fact that in the month of October those entitled to have received the payment of the fees relating to the FIS for the activities carried out in the 2022/2023 school year therefore the amount of the November salary is reduced by the same figure.
The reason for a reduction in the amount of teachers' salaries with the November NoiPa payslip is due to the fact that since it was higher in October, the tax wedge cut envisaged by current legislation was not triggered.
The tax wedge cut for the last six months of the year is equal to: 7% for employees with a gross monthly salary of less than 1,923 euros; 6% for those who have a monthly salary of up to 2,692 euros gross.
The debit tax return may also have resulted in a reduction in the amount of teachers' November salaries.
For some teachers, however, FIS activities could be paid in the current month.
We would also like to remind you that there are also regional and municipal surcharges on the salary for the month of November, but this is the last installment before the tax will return to application in the month of March 2024.
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Also: An urgent issue is expected on Tuesday, November 14; on Friday 17 November there should be a special issue for the short-term and occasional teaching staff of the school with accreditation expected approximately for Tuesday 28 November 2023.
Around 18 November the NoiPa payslip for the teachers' November salary should be online in the area reserved platform and teachers will be able to check the details of the amount.
The same goes for the school's ATA staff.
But how to do it? To check the exact amount of the November salary on the online payslip, once it is available, teachers must access the reserved area of the NoiPa platform with Spid, Cns or Cie credentials; In the personal area, under "My documents", the latest NoiPa payslip available appears and: under "Net amount" it is possible to download, by clicking on the image of the PDF, the NoiPa payslip for November; under “Show amounts” at the top you can see the monthly net amount.
The payslip archive is also available on the same page to obtain the "Summary of payments for the current year".
Teachers can also use the app downloadable from Google Play or App store.
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