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NoiPa Payroll May 2024: Will Teachers’ Salaries Include Maternity Bonus?

Will the Mother’s Bonus be Included in Teachers’ May 2024 NoiPa Payslip?

Many school workers are eagerly awaiting the payment of the pension contribution exemption introduced with the 2024 Budget Law, which could increase the amount on the paycheck by up to €3,000 per year.
The Mother’s Bonus 2024, as the pension relief has been renamed, is designed for female workers with three or more children by December 31, 2026, and experimentally, for those with two children this year.
The effective date is January 1, 2024, so starting from this date, the employees’ payslips and teachers’ NoiPa payslips should also include retroactive payments.

Although NoiPa had announced the payment of the Mother’s Bonus 2024 to workers in May, teachers are reporting that the amount visible in the reserved area of the platform is the same as the previous month, with a slight decrease.

Uncertainties about the Mother’s Bonus in Teachers’ May 2024 NoiPa Payslip

Female teachers who can already view the amount of their May NoiPa payslip have noticed that the Mother’s Bonus is missing, along with any retroactive payments from January 2024.
This seems to be affecting teachers with permanent or fixed-term contracts ending in June or August, who receive their salary regularly each month unlike short or occasional substitutes.
Many are even reporting a reduction of €30 or €40 compared to April.

NoiPa informed all public sector workers with message No.35 on March 11 that, starting from April, a specific application would be made available to administrations to transmit the necessary data for the pension relief.
For those who met the deadlines, the bonus should be applied from May, including retroactive payments.

Teachers were also able to request the Mother’s Bonus from March 27 to April 8 at the Ministry of Education, even though the deadline was extended until the end of the month.
If the May NoiPa payslip does not include the Mother’s Bonus, this could be due to delayed communications, potentially causing a delay in payments.
The difference from April’s salary could be due to income tax.
It is advised to verify compliance with the Mother’s Bonus requirements and wait for payment by checking the NoiPa reserved area.

How to Check Teachers’ May 2024 NoiPa Payslip and Payment Dates

Teachers can access the reserved area of the NoiPa platform using their Spid, Cns, or Cie credentials.
In the personal area under “My Documents,” they can find their latest available NoiPa payslip.
By clicking on the “Show Amounts,” they can see the monthly net amount.
By clicking on the PDF image, they can download the May 2024 NoiPa payslip when it becomes available after mid-month.

In the payment consultation section, they can check for any special issuances.
The payment of the May NoiPa payslip is scheduled as follows:
– Thursday, May 23, for teachers with permanent or fixed-term contracts ending on June or August 30.
– Between Monday, May 27, and Tuesday, May 28, for short-term and occasional school substitutes, with a special issuance date possibly set for May 17, 2024.

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