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NoiPa Payslip February 2024 teachers salary, the amount will be reduced: here's for whom

The February 2024 NoiPa teachers' salary payslip will have a reduced amount.
The sad news mainly concerns some teachers with permanent contracts and those with a fixed-term contract as of June 30th or August 31st who regularly receive their salary every 23rd of the month.
Although the pay slip, i.e.
the pay slip with all the details of the salary published on the NoiPa platform, is not yet online and it will be necessary to wait beyond the middle of the month to view it, many teachers can already see the amount for February.
While many may complain about a reduction in the amount, others may instead experience a salary increase in the month of February.
This difference is due to the tax adjustment.
Let's see in detail who is entitled to the salary reduction in the NoiPa payslip for February and how to check independently.
NoiPa payslip February 2024 teachers' salary, reduced amount for adjustment: here's who for The amount of the salary on the NoiPa payslip for February 2024 will have a reduced amount due to the adjustment which in some cases could also lead to an increase as some teachers testify.
Salary taxes could lead to a reduction of up to 200 or even 300 euros for some, those for whom the balance will be due, which could even exceed this figure in some cases.
The tax adjustment is the definitive calculation of the Irpef taxes and the additional taxes owed by the worker during 2023.
If the adjustment is a debit on the NoiPa payslip for February there will be a salary with a lower amount, if a credit this will instead be higher.
Obviously the sad situation of the negative balance does not only concern teachers, but also ATA staff, DSGAs and school managers.
As reported by Tecnica della Scuola, Ancodis, the National Association of School Managers Collaborators, carried out a survey in which over 500 teachers, principals and DSGA participated.
Around 90% of school staff who responded to the survey noticed a reduction in their February salary ranging from 100 to 800 euros.
Furthermore, in 2024, the Irpef rates will change, remodulated in three brackets.
The tax wedge cut will continue to be present, even in the February salary.
This is the exemption on the share of social security contributions for disability, old age and survivors dependent on the worker.
The exemption is recognized: in the amount of 6 percentage points for monthly salaries not exceeding 2,692 euros, 35 thousand euros of gross annual salary; to the extent of 7 percentage points, for monthly salaries not exceeding 1,923 euros, 25 thousand euros of gross annual salary.
For some teachers, a bonus of up to 950 euros should arrive in February, but there is no certainty about this.
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NoiPa payslip February 2024 teachers salary: how to check the amount Teachers can check the amount of the NoiPa payslip for February independently by accessing the reserved area of NoiPa with the Spid, Cns or Cie credentials.
In the personal area, under the heading " My documents”, the last available NoiPa payslip appears and: under “Show amounts” at the top you can see the monthly net amount.
under "Net amount" you can download the NoiPa payslip for February 2024 by clicking on the PDF image when it is available.
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