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NoiPa Urgent Issue: Payment Dates and Process for Teachers’ May 2024 Back Pay

NoiPa Announces Urgent Payment for Teachers’ Arrears

NoiPa has announced an urgent issuance in May 2024 for the arrears that are due to some female teachers.
This special pay stub is separate from the regular one, concerning the arrears of the working mothers bonus introduced by the 2024 Budget Law; more technically, it refers to the exemption from pension contributions.

Not all working mothers, including teachers, will find the urgent payment in May with the arrears in their reserved area on the NoiPa platform because the contributory relief is intended only for those who have at least three children by the end of 2026, or even two for the current year on an experimental basis.

Payment Dates for NoiPa’s Urgent May 2024 Issuance for Teachers’ Arrears

The urgent NoiPa issuance for May 2024 regarding the teachers’ arrears from the motherhood bonus should have been processed, and therefore, for some, it should already be visible in the platform’s reserved area from Tuesday, May 14th.
But when will the payment of the arrears from the urgent May issuance arrive?

The payment dates are not clear, but some working mothers who can already view the special pay stub have indicated Wednesday, May 22nd, as the due date for the urgent issuance.
In any case, special and urgent payments are always processed after about ten days; NoiPa stated in the May 14th notice that the amounts will be paid within the current month.

As NoiPa writes in the same communication, the motherhood bonus for May is applied in the regular pay stub, and “the amount of the benefit varies based on the calculation of the due pension benefits, with a maximum monthly limit of 250 euros.” The arrears of the motherhood bonus refer to the period from January to April 2024.

NoiPa also provides further indications on the amount due:

It is specified that the decontribution for working mothers is an alternative (and not cumulative) to the 6% or 7% IVS contributory exemption provided by the Labor Decree (Decree-Law of May 4, 2023, no.
48) which has already been applied for the first three months of the year.
Therefore, in calculating the total amount of arrears due, the amounts due as decontribution will be deducted from those eventually recognized as 6% or 7% IVS contributory exemption for the months of January, February, and March 2024.

For teachers with a permanent or fixed-term contract until June 30th or August 31st, 2024, their salary will be paid with the regular May pay stub on Thursday, May 23rd.
Towards the end of the month, short-term and occasional school substitutes should also receive their payment with a special issuance.

Checking NoiPa’s May 2024 Urgent Issuance for Teachers’ Arrears

But how can teachers verify if the urgent May issuance for the motherhood bonus arrears is present in NoiPa’s reserved area? School workers can proceed independently.
In detail, they must:

  1. Access NoiPa’s reserved area with their Spid, Cns, or Cie credentials;
  2. Click on “Services”;
  3. Then click on “Salary Services”;
  4. Go to the section “Payment Consultation” with the issuances.

By selecting the year of interest, 2024, teachers should see the issuance appear.
The same process will apply to short-term and occasional substitutes to check the special issuances of the monthly salary payment.

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