New “Digital” Driving License Coming Soon, to Be Stored on Smartphone

The Digital Transformation of Italy’s Public Administration

In Italy, the Public Administration is undergoing a digital transformation thanks to the funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).
Various sectors are embracing technology to become more efficient and agile.
One of the upcoming innovations in Italy, set to launch in a few months, is the It Wallet.

The It Wallet is a digital portfolio that will hold legal value and will be uploaded onto the public administration’s IO platform.
This digital wallet will allow individuals to store important documents such as ID cards and driver’s licenses in digital format.
This move will eliminate the need to carry physical documents at all times, as the digital versions will be legally recognized.
The trial period is set to begin in July and is part of the broader European initiative called the European digital identity wallet (Eudi), aiming to establish a European digital wallet for cross-border interoperability.

What is the It Wallet and How Will It Work?

The It Wallet project has been in motion in Italy for some time now, with advanced development stages.
The initial trial period starting in July 2024 will involve activating digital versions of essential documents like health cards, driver’s licenses, and European disability cards.
Following a testing phase, the It Wallet will gradually become available to a broader audience.
In parallel with technological advancements, regulations will be drafted to define the digital wallet’s operational framework.

The official launch is scheduled for January 2025 when all citizens can download the updated IO app, including the Wallet section for uploading personal digital documents.
The Wallet will require activation through CIE or Spid authentication.
Italy aims to be one year ahead of the European digital identity wallet, set to launch in 2026, positioning the country as a leader in adopting digital technologies and complying with new European regulations.

According to Alessio Butti, Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council with a mandate for technological innovation, this strategic acceleration will allow Italy to refine its digital infrastructure for full cross-border interoperability expected with the Eudi Wallet in 2026.

From 2026 onwards, all European digital wallets will interoperate, enabling mutual recognition of digital identities and credentials.
With the digital wallet, individuals can securely showcase their credentials both in-person and online, ensuring enhanced access protection through Spid and CIE authentication.
Users will have control over the information they share, minimizing risks related to digital security.

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