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Putin meets Xi, tightening the bond between Russia and China

Putin’s Visit to China: A Strategic Move in a Complex Geopolitical Scenario

The arrival of Putin in China will not go unnoticed among investors, analysts, and world diplomacies.
The two-day visit by the Russian president to the Asian powerhouse, upon Xi’s invitation, marks Putin’s first trip abroad since starting his fifth term last week.

Strategic Talks and Geopolitical Dynamics

Putin’s state visit includes detailed discussions on Ukraine, Asia, energy, and trade with Xi, his most powerful political supporter and geopolitical rival of the United States.
Against the backdrop of a continuing war with uncertain outcomes and a West struggling to support Kiev, tensions between Beijing and Washington are soaring.
Just two days ago, Biden announced new tariffs on Chinese goods worth $18 billion, escalating a trade war that now pervades every sector – industrial, technological, military, and political.

Geopolitical Chessboard

It is no secret that both countries have been promoting their “unlimited friendship” since February 2022 to counterbalance the global influence of the United States.
In an increasingly complex global geopolitical scenario, the Putin-Xi talks hold significant strategic value, with markets closely watching as these dynamics can trigger uncertainty among investors.

Strengthening Russo-Chinese Relations

President Xi Jinping vowed to collaborate with his counterpart Vladimir Putin during the talks in Beijing, stating that “China will always be a good partner for Russia,” according to Chinese state media.
Both leaders emphasized the non-opportunistic nature of their relationship and its stabilizing role on the international stage.

A Message to the World

By choosing China for his first foreign trip since taking office for a six-year term that will keep him in power until at least 2030, Putin is sending a strong message to the world about his priorities and the strength of his personal ties with Xi.
This move also signals a reinforced axis to the U.S.
and Europe.

Challenges and Opportunities

Putin and Xi share a broad worldview that sees the West in decline, while China challenges U.S.
supremacy across various domains.
As the U.S.
views China as its biggest competitor and Russia as a significant national threat, Biden foresees an existential competition between democracies and autocracies shaping this century.

Deepening Economic and Technological Collaboration

The volume of trade between Russia and China surpassed $227.8 billion last year, up from $111 billion in 2019.
Both parties aim to enhance cooperation in high technology, space, peaceful uses of nuclear energy, artificial intelligence, renewable energies, among other sectors.

In a fragmented world averse to collaboration, this growing partnership is perceived as a threat, especially as China becomes Russia’s lifeline amidst the Ukraine conflict and mounting pressure from Washington through sanctions.

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