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Bike bonus from 500 to 1,000 euros in 2024, here's how you can still request it

Bike bonus also in 2024, but this is not an incentive at national level.
The benefit was envisaged to encourage sustainable mobility, but in addition to being good for the environment, it is also good for the pockets of citizens who find a way to get around completely at zero cost (if we exclude the initial expense to buy the bicycle which, however , is partly amortized) without the cost of fuel or transport tickets.
The bike bonus was one of the incentives that received the most approval from citizens, but unfortunately at a national level the benefit ended several years ago and has no longer been extended.
Given the success of the bike bonus, to encourage sustainable mobility for citizens' travel, a Region, in many of its Municipalities, has arranged for the provision of a contribution to reimburse the purchase of a pedal-assisted bicycle or a cargo bike always with pedal assistance.
The purchase must have been from 1 January to 31 December 2024.
Until 2023 the Emilia Romagna bike bonus had a dual nature and the amount changed if the scrapping of a car could be demonstrated after 1 January 2023.
In based on this detail, obviously, the amount of the contribution varied as well as an increase was also foreseen for the citizens of the flooded municipalities listed in Attachments 1 bis of the announcement.
In 2024 the bike bonus was confirmed but the: increased contribution for residents in the municipalities in Annex 1bis was not confirmed; surcharge for scrapping a car.
Let's see who is entitled to the bike bonus and what the requirements are to request it.
Bike bonus for 207 Municipalities Emilia Romagna addresses the call to citizens who reside in the areas that are most subject to exceeding polluting values who have joined the project to improve air quality.
There are 207 in the Region and the objective is to reduce the concentration of PM10 and Nox in lowland areas where there is a risk of exceeding the European infringement limit.
The 207 municipalities involved are listed in Attachments 1 of the notice.
Who can apply for the grant? All adult natural persons can access the Emilia Romagna bike bonus as long as they have residence in one of the 207 Municipalities listed in Attachment 1 of the notice.
To be able to request the contribution, the person must be the holder of the invoice or tax receipt for the purchase of the bicycle and of the current account in which the contribution will be credited (for the current account, it is also sufficient to be joint holders).
How much is the bicycle bonus? Given that the contribution, in any case, cannot exceed 50% of the purchase cost, the amount of the subsidy is: up to 500 euros if you purchase a pedal-assisted bicycle; up to 1,000 euros if you purchase a pedal-assisted cargo bike.
How do you apply for the bike bonus? To apply for the Emilia Romagna bike bonus you must proceed exclusively electronically.
The application must be submitted from 2pm on 9 January 2024 until 12pm on 31 December 2024 by accessing the portal with level 2 Spid, Cie, Cns.
To complete the application the following documents are needed: a 16 euro tax stamp to be affixed to Attachment 2 of the tender documentation; the invoice or tax receipt demonstrating the expense incurred for the purchase of the pedal-assisted bicycle.
The following fields must be highlighted in it: – the wording "Financing program for the improvement of air quality in the territory of the Padano Basin Regions, Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security and the Emilia-Romagna Region"; – the applicant's tax code; – the make and model name of the vehicle; – the final price of the vehicle.
The final price does not include any costs for accessories or any transport costs; – the declaration of conformity of the vehicle with the art.
50 of the Highway Code, certified by the manufacturer or retailer.
payment receipt with the seller's signature and stamp or bank documentation certifying the purchase; Starting from 2024, the Notice also requires that the chassis number of the means of transport purchased be indicated on the sales invoice.
Furthermore, again from 2024, the citizen requesting the regional contribution who needs to replace the vehicle purchased and subject to the contribution, is required (art.
7 of the notice) to send the documentation to the email address from the dealer certifying the replacement of the vehicle and indicating the chassis number of the new vehicle that replaces the one for which the contribution application was made.
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