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Infant formula bonus 2024: who can request it, how to apply and amounts

Also for 2024, the artificial milk bonus can be requested by new mothers who cannot breastfeed their children due to specific pathologies.
This is a benefit provided for by the decree of 31 August 2021 of the Ministry of Economy.
The same decree, among other things, dictates the rules for requesting it, the requirements to be entitled to it, the amounts and the method of submitting the application.
Becoming a mother is a miracle that continues to repeat itself every day and an event that can change the life of every woman.
The new mother is catapulted into the position of taking care of a new, fragile and defenseless little creature: her son.
A sort of rite of passage, which despite being the basis of life, marks women with doubts and fears of not being up to the task.
It also represents a moment of personal growth from which you will never be able to go back.
A child, when he grabs you for the first time with his little hand, does so for his whole life.
Motherhood therefore represents a crucial moment in a woman's life and not being able to breastfeed her baby, in addition to representing a sort of moral shortcoming, also involves a considerable expense given that the cost of artificial milk is added to all the other expenses that the birth of a baby entails.
Precisely for this reason, a bonus has been provided for artificial milk as a form of help until the child is six months old.
Let's see who can request it, how and what are the pathologies that give access to the benefit.
The incentive is intended, in general, for new mothers who cannot breastfeed due to certain pathologies.
The bonus, introduced by the 2020 Budget Law (law 27 December 2019, n.
160) is currently in force and can also be requested for 2024.
Let's see what the pathologies foreseen by the legislation are, which temporarily or permanently prevent the breastfeeding, and instructions for applying.
Artificial milk bonus: the requirements of those who can request it In general, the artificial milk bonus is for new mothers who, due to certain pathologies, cannot breastfeed naturally, therefore at the breast, but be careful, because in addition to the presence of a pathology (which must be certified ) there is also an income requirement: the ISEE cannot exceed 30,000 euros per year.
At this point, the distinction must be made between temporary impediments and permanent pathologies.
The permanent conditions that qualify for the bonus are: HTLV1 and 2 infection; Sheehan syndrome; hereditary alactogenesis; bilateral hypotrophy of the mammary gland (tubular breast); bilateral mastectomy; maternal death.
Temporary pathologies, on the other hand, are: HCV infection with bleeding lesion of the nipple; HSV infection with herpetic lesion on the breast or nipple; recurrent group B streptococcal infection; luetic lesion on the breast; untreated bacilliferous tuberculosis; tuberculous mastitis; varicella zooster virus infection; performing scintigraphy; taking medications that absolutely contraindicate breastfeeding; drug use (excluding methadone); alcoholism.
The pathological conditions of the mother must be ascertained without costs to the interested party and the health service.
The assessment must be carried out by the NHS and in particular by: a pediatrician or a neonatologist, if the conditions occur at birth or during pregnancy; by the paediatrician, general practitioner or specialist in the relevant pathology if the condition occurs after giving birth.
Temporary pathologies must be checked monthly.
read also Family bonus 2023, the complete list of benefits with amounts and requirements How to apply for the infant formula bonus and amounts due The amount foreseen for the infant formula bonus amounts to a maximum of 400 euros per year, but be careful: the figure it depends on the number of overall requests arriving in the region (or autonomous province).
In fact, applications will be managed on a regional, and not national, basis.
You can apply until the baby or girl is 6 months old.
The application must be submitted to the local health authority to which it belongs, which in turn authorizes the disbursement of the contribution within the limit of 400 euros per year and without further regional resources.
Artificial milk for infants is supplied directly by: reference centers where women are treated; local health authorities; affiliated pharmacies; all other suppliers authorized to sell according to the directives issued for this purpose by the regions and autonomous provinces

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